Realizations at 29th

2 + NINE Life lessons

I started my day with a prayer. I thanked my dear Heavenly Father for giving me the best life! Then I read my scriptures. I looked for a section of the Doctrine and Covenants which was recorded during October, and it was section 66. It was a revelation for Brother McLellin. It was recorded there that "faithful ministerial service ensures an inheritance of eternal life". I realized how this message perfectly suited for my 29th year on earth because we are currently serving as couple missionaries for BYU Pathway. I was also recently called the new stake YW President. Our 2017-2018 is going to be a year of service.

Then I cleaned the house. I ate breakfast.  Zephrine woke up. We took a bath and got ready for our movie date and Birthday dinner. I made 2 boxes of chocolates (1 for the web team and the other for the GA team) for my Quickstrike Family with a note that says "Thank you for being a sweet part of my life! We dropped them off at the office on our way to SM San Fernando.

We arrived at SM San Fernando around 3:15 p.m. I started a new tradition for my birthday celebrations.  It is to watch a movie that will inspire me to be a better person, empowers family relationships and will redirect my priorities to the things that matter most. Nanay Sofie accompanied me to watch "Seven Sundays". It was a great movie! It's about remembering our parents no matter how busy we may become as we grow older and as we take on more responsibilities in life. It taught me the importance of "helping between siblings".  It also taught me the importance of open communication in the family and being sensitive to the needs of your family members. I loved it.
Finally, we had my birthday dinner at Vikings as planned by Michael. He was really excited about this because it was my first time to try this restaurant. It was good. I personally enjoyed the foods and the service.

Here are my important 2 + 9  realizations at 29th: 

*** TWO ***

1. It's okay to fail in all of them than to fail in my motherhood calling. Being a working mom plus all the other responsibilities drags me down at times. The thought of "I can do better than this", my many if's and then's and the stresses around me can turn me into a grumpy, negative woman. This lesson brings back the peace of my heart, redirects my priorities and invigorates my mind. 

2. Your relationship with your spouse gives the greatest degree of confidence. A wise man once said, Marriage is a gift from God, and the quality of our Marriage is our gift to God". I find myself most ineffective when I have a misunderstanding with my husband while I am most inspired (beautiful) when we are united in love. A happy marriage is not an overnight magical thing. It really requires a lot of hard work and diligent nurturing efforts.

*** NINE ***

1. The fastest way to recover is to accept it. When bad things happen, when we fall short or when challenges come, we have two options, we can solve them or simply we cannot do anything about it. Acceptance switches our attention to the right solutions and righteous resolutions.

2. Hold on to the iron rod also means hold on to your righteous desires. Being a good person is never easy. There were times in my own life when I wanted to quit. But quitting also means letting go of my chance to live with God again. So instead of giving up, take a break. Recharge yourself and continue the journey with your lamps full of oil. 

3. Love: I once jumped off a cliff expecting the man beside me to do the same. He didn't. He wanted to save me instead. But I didn't want to be just a friend. I wanted him to join me down there or I should say, I wanted him to love me back. For love to go to the second level which is Marriage, two people should have a united choice to jump off together at the same time. If he didn't jump with you, look around. Maybe the right man is already there just standing behind you. 

4. Love is something you give. You never withhold it. There will be times when people who are dear to you will make wrong choices, hurt us or sometimes the hardest view is to see them living beneath their worth (potentials). No matter what the circumstance may be, to love them is the best we can do. For love is the most powerful influence in this world. 

5. Integrity saves. People will love us. Some will dislike us. Others will admire us. Few or more will put us down. I learned that no matter what people will say about us either good or bad if our life is founded on honesty, strong moral principles and the gospel of Jesus Christ, our true color will radiate may be right away or sometimes in due time.  So never let anything or anyone redefine you. Be good but do not waste your time proving it. We must seek proper appreciation from the right sources. 

6. Setting "Financial Goals" makes each day a little closer to "Financial Freedom". Oh yes! It's not how small or big your salary each month but it's more about how you manage your resources. If you have financial goals, all the saving tactics will follow. You can read some of my tips at my-10-tips-on-financial-management

7. Responsibility + Commitment = Spiritual Maturity. Spiritual Matter doensn't only pertain to religion. We were created with a body and a spirit. Life is governed by timeless principles such as what you sow, you will reap. To experience growth in taking on a responsibility requires commitment. Anyone can be a father or a mother instantly but you will not fully understand this responsibility unless you commit yourself to fulfill the associated tasks or roles with it. The responsibilities we embark ourselves on broaden our understanding in the magnificent scope of life and truest meaning of success and eternal happiness. 

8. Take time to exercise, meditate and just breath. I fell in love with Exercise since I was in my primary years. A doctor advised that I should lift weights for my bones. I do a lot of meditation when I read my scriptures (bible, the book of Mormon) and other books or when I stare at random things (which my husband finds really weird! haha). But I only started to enjoy the beauty of breathing recently. I should have done this long time ago. Mindful breathing is so refreshing. This teaches me what it really means to live. To breath increases my appreciation & gratitude to the giver of life even our Father in Heaven. 

9.  I started my journey to refinement on my 29th birthday,  and I share my experience @refinedwomanhood (IG and Fb Page at My Journey to Refined Womanhood). To be refined is my goal before I turn 30 years old next year. Refinement is about purification and sanctification. It is being able to possess a higher level of self-control, being cultured in appearance, becoming more Christ-like and to gain wisdom. I actually got a bit nervous about this goal because I remember a quote from a friend that goes like this, "I asked God to make me strong, then God gave me trials." I pray that whatever challenge or tests that will come along the way I'll trust on the enabling power of the atonement of Jesus Christ wholeheartedly.

Cheers for 29 years! Birthdays are a new beginning...


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