"Learning to Dance in the Rain"

It's the time of the year when almost everyone is sick. I know it's a cliche but it's true that when your baby is sick, you'd wish it's you instead. Chummy had a fever for 3 days last August 1st, then right after her, I had "trangkaso" (cough, fever & flu) while Zephrine started to have chicken pox-like rashes which were very itchy. Right when I was recovering, Michael was infected and had 'Trangkaso' next.  What's harder is our babysitter got sick too. Last Friday, Aug 4th, I wasn't able to come to work. It was also Michael's last day of Training at Red Cross and examination. Sister Ticong came. I was coughing really hard while Zephrine was crying because of itch when suddenly Sister Ticong vomited. I called the Missionaries, Brother Ticong and Rhoss for help. We needed Rhoss to drive us over to the closest hospital. The missionaries were so ready. They came right away and gave us 3 a priesthood blessing. Sister Ticong was relieved and she had high blood.

Zephrine and I waited for the doctor for almost 2 hours with Brother Ticong. I felt God's loving arms around me as I felt the added strength to move forward. When finally the check up was done, Dra. Salunga confirmed that it's not chicken pox but some sort of viral infection. She gave us the medication and asked us to feed cold foods to Zep. Then we went home. Patrick Sunglao picked us up from the hospital this time.

Then, I went to the office for "pay day". I was very tired. I was also worried at the same time since Sister Ticong really looked very pale. Then I got a call from Ate Ives and they were on their way to our house. Wow! What an angel! Although she came to check the piano still it was a perfect timing. She was with Denzel and Nanay Sofi. NAnay will stay with us to assist us. Wow! I also got a free massage from Ate Ives. I felt so much better after that. Michael arrived home and was so tired. We were very grateful for Brother Abanggan because he picked us up with his kids so we can check the piano for sale. Then he also drove us back home. I was able to buy lemons and diapers! Oh my gosh! Lemons are gold! I finally was able to sleep through the night through the help of these magical lemons!! What a long day!!!!!!!!! And we survived!

I wrote this day because I just can't stop recognizing God's hands in this experience. He provided all the ways so we can get through all these little challenges. I was worried and tired but He enabled my body and soul to keep going. Isn't it amazing that each day we never run out of things to learn? This experience taught me to be gentle. That even though there are physical infirmities, we can still choose to remain smiley and loving. It was hard though. But it is possible. I was very rude to Michael from time to time especially when my energy got drained. Seriously, he gets better dealing with me. Haha!

I am still sick with a cough and flu. Michael too. Zeprhine is also still recovering from her skin thingy but things are better now with Nanay Sofi. I cleaned the house last night because dengue paranoids me! We are now praying for Daniela's recovery. She got chicken pox and Denzel has a fever. Hays! Go go go kids!!!

The rain is still pouring but I guess I'm still learning how to dance with it. xoxo


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