The Overflowing Blessings from Serving the Lord

These are my second mission parents, President and Sister Schmutz. We had our fireside with them last Sunday, July 2. It was a very special night for me. It brought me back to the days when I myself was a full time missionary. I am grateful that my eldest daughter met them. This photo is truly a gem to me. Sister Schmutz reminded me to be a missionary 24/7. She encouraged everyone to speak of Christ wherever, whenever and whatever we are doing. I realized that I've been so serious lately because of the negativity around me. When we think of Christ all the time we can remain calm, meek and full of love. We will be like a sunshine to the people around us. We can share the gospel by the way we live. I learned three important things from Elder Schmutz that night: 

1. Our dreams and hopes are important to our dear Heavenly Father. It's connected to the very first lesson I learned from him in the mission. He taught us that the one thing we own that we can offer to our Heavenly Father is our will. This means that if we really love Him, we need to submit our will to His will for us. But how about dreams and goals in life? Do we need to forget them? His message tonight taught me that Heavenly Father is a very supportive dad. I've seen that in my own life. I love negotiating with him. When you tell him your hopes, He will listen and will help you through to achieve them. Elder Schmutz emphasized that we have to know the path to our dreams. And I realized that like the atonement, there is only one way--- even our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

2. Have you ever asked yourself if you are doing the Lord's will for you? Or you are just doing what makes you happy? There's a brother who raised up this beautiful question. He his an active member, has lots of callings and always wants to help everyone but is this really what I should do now? 
The answer was as beautiful as the question, truly we can do a lot of good things in this life, BUT the most important thing in life is to be obedient to His commandments. It doesn't matter how long we have been a member in the church, if you have a good job or fame or have 5+ callings, great teacher. 
However, we should also remember not to run faster than our strength. We must accomplish and magnify each of our responsibilities in faith and genuine love. 

3. Family first. God first. 
When Elder Schmutz was a young lawyer, he had a meeting with his partners. In his field, he needed lots of good partners to be successful. His partners invited everyone to have a dinner thing after the meeting but that night was also his son's birthday party. He needed to choose but he knew right away what to do. He bid farewell to his partner and the senior partners couldn't believe that he was leaving for his son's bday party. The elevator opened like in the movies, and he bid goodbye. 
Luckily, he didn't lose his partners. I believe this is how the Lord tests us. When we put Him first, He will also put us first. 
When we are also in the homes, let us be in the home. Let's focus on spending quality time and teaching our children. 

 What a great reminder! 


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