Our June Highlights

Hello June! It was an adventurous month for us. The little travel lady had so much fun. This month was special to us. We received a new calling which I will write about in my next 'month specials blog'. This month started (June 1st) with a dinner for all the youth leaders of the Philippines Angeles Stake together with the Stake Presidency. It was a simple "thank you token" for a very successful youth conference last month. These leaders' love for the rising generation touched my heart. It is true that in every church calling we have, we do it not for ourselves but for the benefit of others. And simply because of our love for the Savior.

June 3.  Youth Spectacular Night Repeat Performance
As requested by our Stake President, we had our Youth Spectacular for the second time at the Stake Center so the parents and other members could watch the youth performed. This year's theme was James 1:5. The first part of the show was a short clip of the Joseph Smith's first vision.  The story was about "How Mormonism began in the world". Each ward represented a country and shared how the church started and expanded in that area. I learned that the first member from Australia became the first mission president. Wow! There are lots of other amazing conversion stories that were reenacted by the youth. San Fernando Wards showcased our beloved country, the Philippines. Here are the rest of the wards and the countries assigned to them: Angeles 1- UK, Angeles 2 - Spain, Bulaon - Tonga, Santo Tomas - Australia and Arayat - Nigeria.

June 5. Sherizah's Wedding Reception in Cauayan, Isabela.
This was our unexpected trip of the month. It was an 8-10 hour drive from Pampanga but it was worth it. We left at about 2:00 in the morning and arrived at the reception around 11:00 am. Zephrine met a lot of the Burgos clan especially Tita Bhing who came home from the US.

June 12. Independence Day
We went to Nayong Pilipino but it was closed. We decided to go to the Airforce City Park instead. We walked on the grass, played and enjoyed the fresh air. It was our first time to try the slide together with the little travel lady. Our final stop was at Deca Clark WakeBoarding. We watched Daddy Mike and he did a whole turn successfully. cheers!!!

June 17-18. Father's Day Weekend
We watched the Wake Boarding competition 2017 in the morning and slept the whole afternoon till it was the BYU Worldwide Training with Brother Joenee Briones at 4:00 PM. Zephrine was very cooperative because she slept the whole time! Then, we had a special dinner in celebration of Father's Day! We had a short program for the fathers in our ward. By the way, last night I helped to decorate the chapel for this special surprise. I also made the crowns for the fathers. I love it because it's Michael's first Fathers' day so I wanted it to be so memorable.
Sunday, we attended church at Angeles 1st ward (afternoon schedule). We were so tired so we decided to sleep the whole morning. Zephrine and I made a huge card for Daddy Mike. You can watch our complete Father's day weekend on my youtube channel. Then, our last activity was the Pathway Devotional conducted by Brother Joenee and other BYU representatives.


June 24.
We had our 2nd fun run for the year 2017, the Snoopy Fun brought to us by SM Clark. I would like to thank Ate Cynthia for getting us the tickets!!! Wohoo! We run with the Ticongs and 3 young women from our ward. Zephrine was very pretty today.
After our run, we had a movie day with Kim, Jessie and Joycelyn. Then we went together to San Fernando Chapel for the Back to School Party! There were lots of youth who shared their talents during the entire program. They danced and sung. We had pizzas for refreshments! :)

June 26. Daddy Mike attended the 'EQ Lechon Day". He brought home a little for me. Then we went to Essel for a stroll and bought groceries.

Our highlight of the month is Daddy Mike's certification as a legit Safety Office. We feel safer now. I think it was a perfect time since there's a lot of calamities nowadays!

Thank you June for making our year even brighter. I am grateful for the Lord's love and sustenance. I am excited for the next month!! xoxo


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