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Sunday, July 23, 2017

30 Day Stress Relief Journal Prompts

Day 1 - July 24, 2017
"Appreciation Day" 
I am thankful for what I have because... 

1. I have a forgiving Heavenly Father. This is what makes me feel grateful every day. I know that Heavenly Father is always there and that He will never get tired of me. Most of the times, I feel so unworthy of the many blessings I have because I am so impatient. Every day is a learning process. My Father in Heaven makes me feel how patient He is to me especially in those times when I am a slow learner. I am deeply thankful that He never ceases to help me and He never withdraws His blessings from me.
2. The Atonement of Jesus Christ. I was inspired by a sister today. She doesn't know me and I don't know her either but her posts on Facebook touched my heart. I started to hope that one day I can love just like how she loves. The atonement sustains my hopes and my prayers that one day I can be the person I know I should be. Mistakes should never define us. We aren't perfect yet but the atonement will help us become one. We need the people around us to be righteous. We cannot do it alone and by ourselves.  It is through "love" that we can feel the Spirit with us always. I know I need everyone around me.
3. My loving husband. I guess every day we need to appreciate one thing good our spouse did. My goal is to never overlook how amazing Michael is each day. I am thankful because he cooked our breakfast, bought foods for lunch and washed the laundry early morning today!! Wow! Seriously, I need to do this more often. I realized how I'm becoming so critical expecting him to be perfect most of the time just like how rude I am to myself.
4. I am grateful for myself. Just like what I mentioned in #3, I often forget to appreciate myself. I always have high expectations for myself and when I fail, I feel so bad which causes too much stress to myself. I need to be more forgiving of myself. I need to learn how to move on quickly.  I love who I am today. I love my new looks, my talents, and my capabilities. Thank you Nyles for always choosing the right. I know you still have lots of improvements to make but you know what? I am so blessed that you have constantly desired to be righteous. It's never easy to stay strong but you have made it this far. I love myself. I am thankful that I am Nyla Irmamina Person Burgos. 
5. I am so grateful for my healthy, smart and beautiful baby. She is the best baby for me. She is exactly what we need. Every child is a customized gift. I said "customized" because every child is different, and God knows our needs. We are so happy each day because of her. Thank you Zephrine!! 
6. I am grateful for my church callings. I am learning so much about leadership because of these responsibilities. I am realizing that time and being open to accepting tasks helps us improve our ability in leading, managing and loving. Leadership helps us see God's miracles every moment, every day. 
7.  I have a good job. My job is a blessing.  I guess Brother Jojo was right. It's not bad to work as long as your job allows you to be a good mother. 
8.  Because we have good families. I love the Person Family so much and the Burgoses too!!! They are such a great example for us. They are always full support! I hope one day I can help them more in every way. I am thankful for our upcoming bonding!
9. I am grateful for Sister Janet Ticong. She is the best babysitter for Zephrine. She is such a huge blessing for us. 
10. I am very much grateful for Nanay Suting! In one word,  ENDLESS! 

Day 2 - July 25, 2017

"What's going well in my life right now is...."
our good health because "Health is Wealth". I am learning more about self-care lately. And it's true. You have to prioritize yourself so you can function well and take care of the people around you better. 
Let's jog. Let's eat right. Let's rest. Lest unwind.

Day 3 - July 27, 2017

Describe a happy memory. What did you see, smell, hear, feel? 
My favorite happy memory is when we attended a temple session as a family in the Philippines Cebu Temple. It was a dream came true to me since I had that vision before while serving a full-time mission there. I saw eternity right in front me. I heard my father's prayer for us. The smell was just right. It was a glimpse of heaven on earth. I felt love all over my body and a stronger desire to keep going. I recommitted myself to work harder in all aspects of my life. It was a majestic day.

Day 4 - July 31, 2017

Today I will take a break all to myself by sleeping or taking a nap after work. I hope I'll be able to accomplish this today :)

Day 5 - August 10, 2017

List 10 things that make you smile. 
1. My husband successfully finished his training with Red Cross.
2. I am feeling so much better now.  Good health is coming back! Wohooo!!!
3. Daddy Mike's health is also getting better.
4. Most especially Baby Z!!! I love that she's a fighter!
5. I am grateful for the bonus from Dusty.
6. Showtime Ms. Q&A and other Kapamilya Shows make me smile from time to time.
7. Being able to work and see the smiles of the people around me.
8. A revision in one of my callings.
9. Nanay Sofi makes all the difference.
10. My family's chatroom and the convo there is so funny.

Day 6 - August 11, 2017

Appreciation Day! I am thankful for my body because I am simply healthy despite too many stresses around me. I am very much grateful that I've never been hospitalized for a long time now. I love my body. I love taking good care of it. This is the container of my soul. This is my true wealth. I am grateful that I'm recovering from flu and cough quick. My goal is to keep myself healthy. I will post my 10 healthy tips at home today.

Day 7 - August 12, 2017

Today I will enjoy nature by taking a quick swim in Subic. We arrived there around lunch. We ate at  Harbor Point Mall then went straight to Inflatable Island. We didn't try the slides and the floaters. We just swam at the shore. We ended the day with a dinner date with the stake leaders at Tabehoudai.

Day 8 - August 14, 2017

What are two negative thoughts you don't want anymore? What can you do to let go? 
The two main negative thoughts in my head right now are first the memory when I got mad at my husband. The second thought is that I am a bad employee right now because I wasn't able to go to work due to our sicknesses last week. I want to move forward with a perfect brightness of hope. I want to do better both spiritually and socially. I will do my best to let go of these thoughts by being a better wife and employee. I want to work hard and finish all my tasks with excellence. I will also focus my scripture study and spiritual research on how I will support my husband in all things better.
I will repent of my sins.

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