Our May Highlights

I love May.  For some reasons, this month always gives me the spring feelings...
Flowers bloom, sunny skies, no more gloom but only summer kisses!

May 1
Today was our family outing. It's a day to relax and  to learn new skill for Daddy Mike. 
We went to Fontana Leisure Park and Resorts in Clark. The place reminded me somehow of Adventure Cove in Singapore. We did the raging river ride again and Zephrine loved it more. I was so proud of our little girl as she bravely walked on the wave pool. She loves the water. 
It was fun watching Michael wake boarding but it's more fun to know he is having fun. I love to see my husband enjoying new things. I love the smiles on his face. Overall it was a great day!

May 9 - 10
Mommy Lydia visited us. She brought us supplies from the Burgos Farm. We got a sack of rice and freshly harvested vegetables. She's very kind. I love my Mother in Law. We are so blessed to have her. We also had a chance to attend a temple session with her as our babysitter and had our Mother's Day dinner in Pasig. We then took her to Ate Iroal's place so she can go to the airport more comfortably for her flight to Dumaguete the following day. It was a great memoir. 

May 14
My First Happy Mother's Day! 
We attended church in Arayat. We had to announce important reminders with regards to the upcoming Youth Conference. It was very hot this day and we had to leave early. Zephrine took a bath at the branch's meetinghouse after the youth Sunday School Class. Being a mom is really tough. It purifies the heart. But truly, it gives the greatest and most satisfying joy in this lifetime. 

May 15 & 16
Wellness Month. Our family did our monthly check up for the baby and the annual physical examination for the parents. It was great to know everyone is in good shape.  I love taking good care of my babies (dad, lucky and Zephrine). I also set a new goal this month to keep our car and my bag always neat, clean and organize for cleanliness is next to Godliness. When everything is clean, life is at peace. 

This Month, Zephrine also started to led wean herself. I'm more relax now as I fully accepted that every child is different. We cannot compare their milestone to anyone. As a parent, we are here to guide them, to cheer them up and to support them the best we can. 
May 22. We got a pair of Red Sox hats from Dusty, our Ceo. Our brand started to sell hats. I am not a hat lover or so but I'm starting to love them. Here's my selfie of the month: This is perfect for summer. 

May 24 - 27
Youth Conference. It was a long preparation but I'm grateful that it turned out so well. It was not perfect but it's beautiful. The mutual theme for this year is found in Jame 1:5-6. It was through a desire to ask God that the true church was once again restored on this earth through a 14- year old boy, Joseph Smith. He was in his youth that he saw God the father and his son Jesus Christ.  We held the event at Raven Resorts in Bataan. Here's a glimpse of our activities: 
Day 1 - Arrival & Billeting, Pathway to Success and Spectacular Night. Our topics and Speakers for the Pathway to Success are as follows: 
"How to get your dream job?" by Sis. Ayo Abanggan 
"How to live the best life?" by Bro. Erlwin Abanggan 
 "Self Defense" by Brother Ramel Ticong 
         "How to install CCTV?" by President Louie Escoto
Our overall director for the Spectacular was Bro. Ezra Magallano. Our theme was "How Mormonism Started in the World? (England, Nigeria, Australia, Mexico, Tonga & the Philippines) 
Day 2 - Testimony Meeting & Devotional with Elder Baquiran. There were lots who bore their testimonies. Elder Baquiran talked about online gaming. He reminded the youth to be careful on how they spend their time. The adversary can use this to drag them down. 
After lunch we had our team building and the dance socials. Our motif was ancient greek and romans. 
Day 3 - Seminary, Gospel Quiz and Missionary Preparation 
It was fun to see how the resource speakers were so prepared and humorous. Brother Ranjen, Brother Brad Pete and Brother Jojo Briones led these activities. It was a great way to learn the gospel.

 Oh I love you May. Thank you for the beautiful days. 


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