Our March Highlights


We had our first international flight as a family this time of the year. We visited the beautiful city of Singapore. It was an unexpected vacation with my High School Best friends. We flew from Clark International Airport after lunch and arrived past 5:00 PM at Changi Airport.
Cedrick picked us up and met Eloi at Marina Bay for dinner. It was a lovely night. We ate pizzas and pasta while serenedad with beautiful songs by a live band . I guess they were filipinos. We also witnessed the dancing fountains show with the bubbles. What a great welcome!
Then we headed to the Montesurs' humble abode.
We were so lucky to have this free accommodation since SG is a very expensive city.

We went to Singapore Zoo + took a photo at the Night Safari. It was so much fun! My favorite part of the day was the Elephant Show and Michael's was the white Lion. It was so nice to see our daughter enjoying all the views and how she interacts and smiles at almost everyone. We also had gelato for snacks. Truly, beautiful places and experiences become more memorable when spend with a loved one. We then met with Von and his family at Marina Bay. We ate dinner there again but this time we tried Singaporean meals. We also saw the current Prime Minister while waiting for them. He was walking around the Bay area to check when we discovered a bunch of people encircling him. We were so lucky that he passed by right in front of us. I was impressed by his humility and simplicity. He only had 2 body guards. He was wearing a casual attire. I learned that a true leader serves.

We attended the 9AM sacrament meeting. It was the first Sunday of the month so we were blessed to hear the testimonies of the members from Singapore. We were planning to share ours too but failed to do so. After lunch,  It was an adventure for our little family on our way to meet Eloisa and the crew in Sentosa Island. We were planning to get a taxi but ended up exploring by the MRT Train. When we were about to take our 3rd train, we saw a sign pointing to cable cars going to Sentosa. So we decided to take it instead. We were so happy!!!!! We made it to Sentosa Island!!!!! It was a marvelous experience for the three of us. The view from the cable car was indescribably amazing!!!!
Plus we received simple gifts of surprises when we reached the Island.

We spent the rest of the day with the best friends and the families at Adventure Cove. This place had exciting pools, slides and snorkeling area. It was Zeprhine's first swimming experience. We rode a floater on a running lazy river. It was so much fun as we passed amazing fountains, caves, fishes, and other statues along the way. We also tried the extreme slides they have there. My most favorite part was the snorkeling experience with the lives fishes. We swam with hundred of fishes!!!
Our day ended at the Gardens by the Bay after a Singaporean Meal for Dinner. What a magnificent view of beautiful plants, flowers and lights!!!  We sat and enjoyed watching the dancing lights.
My heart was full. I felt extremely grateful for this moment.

We spent the whole day at Universal Studios. I started to miss Disneyland right after we entered the park. They have 7 attractions. My favorite so far is the transformers ride. We met a lot of characters too! The water world show was also breath taking! It was a high class performance. We were so tired but everything was fun and exciting.

Chinese for a day on a shopping day! We bought pasalubongs at Chinatown. We tried some Chinese food there too. They had street food like fish balls, chicken balls and etc. Then, we went to Japanese and Chinese Gardens. It was so cool to see all the zodiac signs in this park. I got too excited when I saw Mulan's statue and the other well known Chinese leaders like Confucius. We also saw many temples, houses and bridges. Then we met with the Tadina Family and ate in one of the restaurants at the MRT Station Terminal. It was so nice to meet their beautiful daughter.

Departure Day. We packed our stuff in the morning, cleaned our room and chilled at the airport. We rode an uber taxi Mazda CX5 something like that. It was a very nice car!!!
By the way SG has a cool, clean and nice airport. We got free massage, got our refund from unused MRT passes, ate, played, took some photos and some more photos.
Brother Ticong picked us up from the airport. We reached home at past 9PM.

Thank you so much Singapore! It was a great time!

March 11 & 12. Stake Conference
March 15. Zephrine met Dusty, Jane, Sela & Kj
March 19. Couple Speakers at Sacrament Meeting 
& Stake Youth Temple and Family History Workshop
March 20. Lunch at Hello Kitty Cafe with Attorney Mhe-Ann
March 25. A Sunday with Arayat Branch Saints 
+ Lunch at Mt. Arayat National Park
March 27. Happy Birthday Mother Lydia
March 30. Labor Laws Training at Camelot Hotel, Quezon Avenue


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