Our April Highlights


It's a month of training, interviews and evaluation at work.
It's a month of spiritual feast, youth con preps and meetings at church.

April 1. Advance Supervisory Training of Michael's.
April 2. Happy 1st Sunday in Pasig with Tita Iroal.
April 3. How to set up a travel and tour agency Training for me.
April 4. Happy Birthday Brother Nembu! 
April 8 & 9. 187th General Conference

We started our employee evaluation this month. It was fun learning and growing with these amazing people at work. Al though it's really tiring to talk all day, I'm grateful that I have developed my listening skills too. It was remarkable when one of them asked me if I feel fulfilled so far for what I have achieved right now. It made me really think and ponder for a time. Well, I'm glad that it's a yes.

April 13 - 15. We also decided to spend the Holy Week Long Weekend in Clark. We explored inside this area. We went to El Kabayo, had a scoop of gelato at Cream Line, and checked-out Fontana Leisure Park.

We were sick this weekend. We stayed home. Rested.

WEEK 4 - Busy.. buzzy!
Attorney came and we had meetings, meetings and meetings.
The hight light of our week was the QStrike Team Building at Lola Corazon Leisure Farm in Candaba. It was a great day!!!
The week ended with a dry run for the youth spectacular.


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