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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Rewriting: Our Honeymoon


Let me tell our first travel together as Mr. and Mrs. Our tickets were purchased and a gift from our very generous Ate Irene and Kuya Kevron via Cebu Pacific. We flew early in the morning and arrived in Palawan before lunch. Palawan is a friendly place. Our trike driver took us to a cheap hotel located in the heart of the city. We took a rest for a bit and then headed to our Day 1 itinerary, a "City Tour".

Breakfast at the airport.
Arrival in Palawan


First Stop: Butterfly Garden & Tribal Village. We saw a lot of unique animals, insects and etc. here. We met the first children of the first dwellers in Palawan. It was educational at the same time. We saw a large yellow python.

Second Stop: Crocodile Farm
This was my first time to hold a real baby crocodile. There were crocodile recipes here too.

Third Stop: Baker's Hill
This place felt like I was in Baguio or Tagaytay. They have amazing landscapes of flowers, plants and trees. They have a zip lining area.
This is also where we ate the famous, "Tamilok".
Let's try "Tamilok"
Baker's Hill Garden



Island #1: Star Fish Island

Island #2: Luli Island (Lulubog- Lilitaw Island)
Island #3: Cowrie Island where Michael got a henna tattoo

LAST NIGHT IN PALAWAN, we ate at this restaurant. 

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