Our January Highlights

New Year -- a new beginning! 

Started the new year with our matching attire. Ola 2017! We celebrated our first new year together in our humble abode here in Rue De Paree, Angeles City. We didn't cook a lot but we made sure we had fruits. We waited till 12 midnight to embrace 2017. Zephrine was really scared of the bang of the fireworks so I played the piano while Daddy Mike sang for our little Zephrine. She's 6 months old now. Then we went to bed.
We also went to Bulacan this month. Great times with the Santiago's, Dulam's, Nanay Sophie and the great "Ate" of all times. I love our growing "Person Family" so much. We ate lots of foods and they just came back from Vigan. It was a blast.

The Grandchildren in the Philippines 2017
Daniela Ivana, Dwayne Isaiah & Denzel Israel Santiago
Charlize Dulam & Zephrine Burgos

Our first family photo of the year!

We also attended Nona's wedding in Manila. This is the 3rd wedding in a row since November. I realized that we've been attending a wedding every month.We stayed at Ate Iroal's house and played with Cham for 2 days. It was a great time.

We also celebrated our second year anniversary last January 8, 2017. Wow! 2 years already! It feels like we've been married for yearssss.... It's amazing! I decided to make a wall art greeting for Michael. I turned off all the lights except the blinking yellow orange star light. I left the door in our room open. Michael woke up passed 12 midnight panicking because he thought our house was burning. He saw the blinking light from our living room. He was like, "Nyla, ano yun? Nasusunog ang bahay!"And I told him worriedly to check right away. So he stood up quickly and checked. The next thing I heard was a loud laugh. Happy 2nd year My Love!

We bought each other a pillow and bathrobes. It's our cotton our anniversary. We got these from Marquee Mall.
We also ate at I forgot.

Zephrine started his solid diet. Her fist meal was mashed potatoes. She loved it. My promise is to feed her well.

CHURCH CALLINGS. We had a leadership training and I was invited to speak for Arayat Ward Young Women New Beginnings. I spoke about the importance of Personal Progress. I will blog about my talk soon. I was also able to do my Visiting Teaching Assignment. My new company is Sister Gina. We are assigned to visit the Magallanos. I love that their houses are very close to us.

There were about 33 leaders in attendance. Success!

We went to Mount Arayat National Park right after to check the venue for Feb. 11, Standard's Night

Message: The Relief Society
"The errand of angels is given to women."

WORK. We finished our office renovation and expansion! Finally I can breathe better. Dusty also came and gave a very inspiring YTD reports, new motto for the year and the company goals. He is a great motivator. He is awesome.

It was a great start. I am looking forward for more adventures. I hope to achieve my new bucket list.
And I know I can do this.


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