Our February Highlights

It's the month of love.  Zephrine turned 7 months. She's growing beautifully like a sun flower. I love her smiling face and her bright personality. It was her first Valentine's Day. We weren't able to celebrate this day. But I got a bouquet of Ferrero Chocolates combined with red roses. 

Zephrine's First Valentine's Day

We finally applied (February 8th) and got Zephrine's passport (end of the month). She was really cute on her picture! The process went so smooth. We arrived at DFA around 4:30 P.M. and finished before they closed at 5:00 P.M. This month, we were able to go back to the gym. It's really nice to exercise with your husband. It's motivating. 

Our office extension was finally done. More space, less stress. I'm learning a lot about management. There's so much room for improvements. We hired more people and the company has its new motto: "Thou Shall K.I.L.L. ("Keep Improving Little by Little"). It was a great motto. It helps me think of ways on how I can improve.

Our First Race (3K) 
"Foamy Fun Run"

I was so excited to check off one item on my bucket list, to join a fun run. This was so much fun. I invited the Santiago family and we were all finishers. Daniela was 2nd placer. It was a blast. Zephrine was very cooperative and she with Nanay Sofi waited for us at the finish line. 

It was the Angeles Ward 2 Conference the day after we run. We decided to do a little photoshoot. My most favorite talks were given by Sister Amistad and President Querido. Sister Amistad talked about putting God first before anything. She gave up all of her personal ambitions for the Lord. That is what truly it means to trust the Lord. President talked about the importance of magnifying our callings. Every time he doesn't have a calling, he asks his bishop or stake leaders where and how can he serve God and His children. I guess that's what I want to work out. To always make sure He is first in my life and regardless of my many weaknesses especially times when I don't feel worthy to represent God, that I should never give up. Service brings back the Spirit in our lives as fast as it can be.

One Wednesday morning (February 22, 2017), while watching "Umagang Kay Ganda", we got over excited when we saw this Sunflower Maze on the news. We decided to go there right away. It was so hot but the flowers are so beautiful! It was worth it. I love spending time with my favorite people. 

Sunflower Farm in Tayug, Pangasinan

Zephrine 1st hospitalization due to high fever. This was alarming but also gave us good memories. I finally felt when they say, "ako na lang mag kasakit Kaysa ang aking anak." I believe she got it from her skin allergy in Eggs. This lasted for a week. We were in and out of the ER because I panicked most of the time. Then she had her blood testing. This picture was taken while we were waiting for her urine. 


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