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Friday, March 24, 2017

Our February Highlights

It's the month of love.  Zephrine turned 7 months. She's growing beautifully like a sun flower. I love her smiling face and her bright personality. It was her first Valentine's Day. We weren't able to celebrate this day. But I got a bouquet of Ferrero Chocolates combined with red roses. 

Zephrine's First Valentine's Day

We finally applied (February 8th) and got Zephrine's passport (end of the month). She was really cute on her picture! The process went so smooth. We arrived at DFA around 4:30 P.M. and finished before they closed at 5:00 P.M. This month, we were able to go back to the gym. It's really nice to exercise with your husband. It's motivating. 

Our office extension was finally done. More space, less stress. I'm learning a lot about management. There's so much room for improvements. We hired more people and the company has its new motto: "Thou Shall K.I.L.L. ("Keep Improving Little by Little"). It was a great motto. It helps me think of ways on how I can improve.

Our First Race (3K) 
"Foamy Fun Run"

I was so excited to check off one item on my bucket list, to join a fun run. This was so much fun. I invited the Santiago family and we were all finishers. Daniela was 2nd placer. It was a blast. Zephrine was very cooperative and she with Nanay Sofi waited for us at the finish line. 

It was the Angeles Ward 2 Conference the day after we run. We decided to do a little photoshoot. My most favorite talks were given by Sister Amistad and President Querido. Sister Amistad talked about putting God first before anything. She gave up all of her personal ambitions for the Lord. That is what truly it means to trust the Lord. President talked about the importance of magnifying our callings. Every time he doesn't have a calling, he asks his bishop or stake leaders where and how can he serve God and His children. I guess that's what I want to work out. To always make sure He is first in my life and regardless of my many weaknesses especially times when I don't feel worthy to represent God, that I should never give up. Service brings back the Spirit in our lives as fast as it can be.

One Wednesday morning (February 22, 2017), while watching "Umagang Kay Ganda", we got over excited when we saw this Sunflower Maze on the news. We decided to go there right away. It was so hot but the flowers are so beautiful! It was worth it. I love spending time with my favorite people. 

Sunflower Farm in Tayug, Pangasinan

Zephrine 1st hospitalization due to high fever. This was alarming but also gave us good memories. I finally felt when they say, "ako na lang mag kasakit Kaysa ang aking anak." I believe she got it from her skin allergy in Eggs. This lasted for a week. We were in and out of the ER because I panicked most of the time. Then she had her blood testing. This picture was taken while we were waiting for her urine. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Our January Highlights

New Year -- a new beginning! 

Started the new year with our matching attire. Ola 2017! We celebrated our first new year together in our humble abode here in Rue De Paree, Angeles City. We didn't cook a lot but we made sure we had fruits. We waited till 12 midnight to embrace 2017. Zephrine was really scared of the bang of the fireworks so I played the piano while Daddy Mike sang for our little Zephrine. She's 6 months old now. Then we went to bed.
We also went to Bulacan this month. Great times with the Santiago's, Dulam's, Nanay Sophie and the great "Ate" of all times. I love our growing "Person Family" so much. We ate lots of foods and they just came back from Vigan. It was a blast.

The Grandchildren in the Philippines 2017
Daniela Ivana, Dwayne Isaiah & Denzel Israel Santiago
Charlize Dulam & Zephrine Burgos

Our first family photo of the year!

We also attended Nona's wedding in Manila. This is the 3rd wedding in a row since November. I realized that we've been attending a wedding every month.We stayed at Ate Iroal's house and played with Cham for 2 days. It was a great time.

We also celebrated our second year anniversary last January 8, 2017. Wow! 2 years already! It feels like we've been married for yearssss.... It's amazing! I decided to make a wall art greeting for Michael. I turned off all the lights except the blinking yellow orange star light. I left the door in our room open. Michael woke up passed 12 midnight panicking because he thought our house was burning. He saw the blinking light from our living room. He was like, "Nyla, ano yun? Nasusunog ang bahay!"And I told him worriedly to check right away. So he stood up quickly and checked. The next thing I heard was a loud laugh. Happy 2nd year My Love!

We bought each other a pillow and bathrobes. It's our cotton our anniversary. We got these from Marquee Mall.
We also ate at I forgot.

Zephrine started his solid diet. Her fist meal was mashed potatoes. She loved it. My promise is to feed her well.

CHURCH CALLINGS. We had a leadership training and I was invited to speak for Arayat Ward Young Women New Beginnings. I spoke about the importance of Personal Progress. I will blog about my talk soon. I was also able to do my Visiting Teaching Assignment. My new company is Sister Gina. We are assigned to visit the Magallanos. I love that their houses are very close to us.

There were about 33 leaders in attendance. Success!

We went to Mount Arayat National Park right after to check the venue for Feb. 11, Standard's Night

Message: The Relief Society
"The errand of angels is given to women."

WORK. We finished our office renovation and expansion! Finally I can breathe better. Dusty also came and gave a very inspiring YTD reports, new motto for the year and the company goals. He is a great motivator. He is awesome.

It was a great start. I am looking forward for more adventures. I hope to achieve my new bucket list.
And I know I can do this.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Honeymooners in Palawan


Let me tell our first travel together as Mr. and Mrs. Our tickets were purchased and a gift from our very generous Ate Irene and Kuya Kevron via Cebu Pacific. We flew early in the morning and arrived in Palawan before lunch. Palawan is a friendly place. Our trike driver took us to a cheap hotel located in the heart of the city. We took a rest for a bit and then headed to our Day 1 itinerary, a "City Tour".

Breakfast at the airport.
Arrival in Palawan


First Stop: Butterfly Garden & Tribal Village. We saw a lot of unique animals, insects and etc. here. We met the first children of the first dwellers in Palawan. It was educational at the same time. We saw a large yellow python.

Second Stop: Crocodile Farm
This was my first time to hold a real baby crocodile. There were crocodile recipes here too.

Third Stop: Baker's Hill
This place felt like I was in Baguio or Tagaytay. They have amazing landscapes of flowers, plants and trees. They have a zip lining area.
This is also where we ate the famous, "Tamilok".
Let's try "Tamilok"
Baker's Hill Garden



Island #1: Star Fish Island

Island #2: Luli Island (Lulubog- Lilitaw Island)
Island #3: Cowrie Island where Michael got a henna tattoo

LAST NIGHT IN PALAWAN, we ate at this restaurant. 

Nephi and Model Sealing

(Her first temple trip on December 16, 2016)

It was a busy but beautiful day. We woke up at 3:00 A.M. and arrived at the temple before 5:00 AM. Zephrine met her Auntie Michelle (Michael's sister) for the first time. She took care of her while we attended the 7:30 AM session. Afterwards, I attended Nephi and Madel's sealing. We were hoping to join their lunch celebration but we had commitments at 2:00 PM in Bulacan. The temple reminds me of the family. I know that we can be together forever with our loved ones someday. It also reminds me of Eccl. 3:1, that there is always perfect timing for every worthy purpose. I pray that their love will always sustain each other at all times and in all things. I know that the Lord will bless all the righteous desires of their hearts. More babies to come, and I sincerely love this couple a lot! Congratulations Guys!

Our Cotton Anniversary

a glimpse at  
our second year

"Twinning Year 2"

This year was tough as we learn to work together as one. When I was on my mission, I realized what it meant to never run faster than my strength. Although you can do much each day, you also have to do things with a genuine motive. Working with a companion turned my strength to "OUR STRENGTH". It's like learning a routine with a dance partner. There will be times when you need to speed up to catch up or to slow down and wait. Same thing in marriage, there were many times, actually most of the time when we needed to stop for each other. It's never easy cause even up to now, we are still finding our harmony.

We became workmates. We hired Michael to be our new Office Supervisor. It was very challenging to work with your husband. We needed to set limits and be respectful with each other at all times. There were days when we had to pretend we are okay even after a stressful event or a fight. Though, it was hard, sometimes it gives us also opportunities to forgive each other faster.
I was very tired this year. Being pregnant was a roller coaster ride. The hormonal imbalance was real! I had a hard time coping with the ups and downs. The gloomy days were difficult. I didn't understand myself most of the time. I thought I was bipolar at some point. But the joy of being able to selflessly brought forth life into this mortal life was the best miracle I have ever seen in my life. I found a kind a love I thought never had existed.

We attended our first Valentine's Party at church. This month when both of us were called to serve in the Stake Youth Organization. We were promised that if we serve God with all of our souls, the baby will always be safe and will grow beautifully.
Church callings are blessings. It binds us with the Lord. When we magnify them, we see God's hand closely in our own lives. We see how His trust and love for us work miracles.

It was in March when we found out we were expecting a baby girl. And now as I look at her each moment, I feel extremely blessed to be given this remarkable duty of "motherhood".
I love my baby so much. She teaches me about myself every passing day.
I knew it was a baby girl. Truly, a mother's instinct is wiser than any reasons.

Our first baby was lucky. A brand new car we purchased on April 21, 2016. It's a 2015 Honda Brio Amaze model. It took a lot of study before we finally decided to get one. I love this car. I had no regrets. This goal taught me to be patient. We were so lucky to get exactly what we wanted but we waited big time. I was impressed that Michael was able to drive right away after a long time. He needed only a day to practice and regained his confidence. Now we can serve God faster and attend all of our commitments on time + no hassle. Our car is our second home.

This month was our first long travel when we attended the Youth Conference in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija. This activity reminded me of my youth leaders. They told us many times that one day we will be the next leaders. And they were right. This was the first time when Michael and I gave a talk together during a devotional. It was so special to me. I love bearing my testimony with my baby inside my womb. I feel that our hearts were one.

I was surprised by my husband together with the Relief Society Sisters from our ward. They are the best! They threw a baby shower for me. I received a lot of gifts from them. When you are close to delivering your baby, you really need all the support and the love you can get. This strengthened me. We were so busy preparing for the coming of our baby. We received a package from Ate Irene and Kuya Kev too. We also received a lot of kind words of encouragement.

We went to Subic on the 9th for our company team building. We checked-in at White Rock Beach Resort. We enjoyed our last date together before we became a family of three. It's interesting to remember that we were also at a beach in Bataan before we found out we were expecting. I love every moment with my husband alone. I'm loving the ocean more and more especially because my husband loves the creatures in it.
JULY 15- the life changing experience happened. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl.
What a glorious day! Congratulations to us NEW PARENTS!

On the 7th of this month, our baby received her naming and blessing ordinance. She was beautiful. I recorded her blessing  given by her daddy burgoooo! I was the pianist during this day too.
What a magnificent day!
On the 28th, Michael gave a talk about preparing to go on a mission during the Sunday Session of our Stake Conference. I was very nervous for him though I was confident that he will give a great talk. It's a cute experience for our little family. I knew Zephrine was listening attentively too.
She's a smart girl!

We had our first Stake Seminary Class as youth leaders. We were assigned to be in-charged from now on. This month was also special because Zephrine finally met her grand father, Lolo Angelo Burgos.
We also met our relatives from my father side who currently reside in Balibago.
We had our first dance performance as a couple during our Stake Gold & Green Ball. We danced "Lambada" taught by Brother Gaborne.
September 27th was "Family Day"at SM Pampanga. This was Zephrine's first road trip. She didn't like it but I know she will soon.

Happy 1st Birthday to me as a Mommy!
We celebrated this special day at Diner Cupcakes. I really like this place. Its a restau-bus!
This month was:
~ Zephrine's first trip to S&R
~Zephrine's first grocery experience at SaveMore
~Zephrine's first visit at the factory on our Halloween Party!
~Zephrine's first trick or treat at church. She was a bee.
I was a witch. Dad was Thor.
Michael and I performed a song number, "Mata". I played the guitar and he played the beatbox.

Happy Birthday Daddy Mike! We celebrated his special day at our new apartment. We moved last November 6. We wanted to increase our savings by minimizing our expenses.
We had our first family long road trip to Talavera, Nueva Ecija to attend Jonar's wedding. It was fun. Zephrine's did a great job. We were so lucky to have a free accommodation (1 night) at the resort where the reception took place.

Another long road trip of our little family to Pangasinan. We went to San Manuel to see a Christmas Village. It was a great adventure. We also went to Calasiao to purchase their famous puto the next day. We attended Sister Kish Ticong's send-off party for her mission.
Zephrine went to temple for the first time too. We attended Tito Nep and Tita Madel's sealing on the 16th. She also met her Tita Michelle and Tito Boyet that same day. It was a very smooth trip although Zephrine cried a lot while we were attending a temple session. Then we headed straight to Bulacan and checked-in at Klir Waterpark Resort for our company's Christmas Party.
December 21 was our first Christmas Party as a family at church. It was a Hawaiian party.
Merry Christmas in Vigan, Ilocos Sur! We arrived there on the 24th for Noche Buena. We really wanted to make Zephrine's first Christmas very memorable. We also met with Tito Kyle, Baby Kyson , Tita Irish and the Lugolites in Tarlac on our way back to Pampanga. We slept over there for a night. They prepared a very good lunch, Ilocano style. Friendship is a gift. We were so grateful for this time when we can strengthen our relationship with the Vreekenators!
Finally, to end the year, we attended Dwayne's baptism in Bulacan. Mommy Nyles was one of the speakers. We met baby Cham Dulam too! It was fun! She's Zephrine's best friend!
I can't wait to make more memories and fill each day with gladness. Thank 2016. This year is truly remarkable!

Cotton Gifts: Bath robes and pillows

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

My 2017 Goals & Bucket List

Hello 2017. To make each year the "Best Year" we need to keep our lives in balance. Our soul is made up of our physical body and our spirit. The heart is the measure of our soul while the mind cultivates the person we become. These four intelligence  and organizational needs according to Stephen Covey are the fragile balls we juggle each day. We must be watchful on how we take good care of each. As King Mosiah warned us, "But this much I can tell you, that if ye do not watch yourselves, and your thoughts, and your words, and your deeds, and observe the commandments of God, and continue in the faith of what ye have heard concerning the coming of our Lord, even unto the end of your lives, ye must perish. And now, O man, remember, and perish not." (Mosiah 4:30)

Part: Body
Need: Financial & Health
Focus: Need (What drives your economic engine?)
Improve: Strength and Stamina, Self-Relience

1. To drink more water this year.  [👍] I did drink more water this year. But I need to do better on this. I believe I can drink more for the love for my skin. haha!
2. To go back to the gym and regular exercise. To more endorphin!  [👍] Yes, I was able to go back but I didn't endure till the end of the year [👎]. I don't feel like going back since I need more sleep each day.
3. To join a "FUN RUN"  [👍]  We did (2) this year, the bubble and the snoopy fun run.
4. To open a business. [👍] I attended a training for my dream business but I wasn't able to open it. However, I did open another business I called "Its.nyles Accesories". I am selling brooches, earrings, patches and socks.
5. To increase bank savings.  [👍] We did better this year for us and also for little Z!

Part: Spirit
Need: Meaning, Integrity & Contribution
Focus: Consience (What does your conscience counsel?)
Improve: Spiritual Foundation, Vision and Service

1. Master my callings in the youth organization.  [👍] By the way, I was called as the new Stake YW President this year. I am now more comfortable performing this responsibility.
2. To start being more involved in the Temple and Family History. Be an expert!  [👍] I learned indexing this year. I also started the "My Family" booklet and I made a scrapbook for our family.
3. To be able to master self-control:

a. choose kindness over rudeness at all times and in all things and in all places. [I did try but needs lots and lots of improvements. ]
b. avoid any arguments, contention and anger. [ I did just okay with this one.]
c. to be a wise judge which is rooted from discipline and sacrifice. [Seek to understand first than to be understood. This is why learning is a continuing processs because it keeps you capable of seeing things in a bigger perspective.
4. To be a soft spoken so I can feel the spirit more in my life. [👎] I guess I toned down a little bit because I am not as loud as I was before.
5. Go back to fasting/month.  [👍] Yes, we did this very well this year.

Part: Heart
Need: Relationships
Focus: Passion (What you are deeply passionate about?)
Improve: Family, Relatives, Friends & Associates
Good Read:

1. To travel abroad with my family. Get Zephrine's passport.  [👍] We went to Singapore!
2. To learn to work with my husband in harmony  [👍]. Pray for him daily. [👎] I wasn't able to pray for him daily. I need to be a better wife.
3. To write once a month on my blog. (New songs, stories, articles, thoughts and etc.) [👎] I blogged and wrote as per my mood this year.
4. To fill our memory box with great days and read them on the night before New Year's. [👎] I filled it for about 50%.
5. I would like to start a tradition for myself, I would like to spend my birthday to something very noble as my personal thanksgiving. So this year, I would like to spend my birthday to an orphanage or house for the aged. Let's see if I'll be able to pull this out in October. [👍] I chose to give thanks to my co-worker instead and spent a wonderful day with Nanay, Michael and little Zephrine

Part: Mind
Need: Growth and Development
Focus: Talent (What you can be the best in the world at?)
Improve: Certifications, Skills and Education
Good Read:

1. To get 3 certifications this year.  [👍] I received even more!!! :) Yahoo!
2. To get a driver's license and to drive. [👎] I practiced driving but failed for the license.
3. To learn a new skill: Archery, Movie Making & Photo Editing, Sewing  [👍] I learned how to make tassle earings and enhance my skills in photography.
4. To read 6 business books (audio/written). [👎] I started reading Stephen Covey's books this year.
  • PAY-OFF by Shoe Dog
5. To attend job interviews for personal development purposes. [👎] I wasn't able to do so but I was interviewed by Mentors League for a career development training.

Overall, 2017 was AMAZING!!!!!!! I did learn a lot and we had fun so much!!! Goals are like pledge we need to say out loud so we feel how they are engraven in our hearts. So there you are and here you go! Let's make 2018 roll!