December 2-3, 2016

We had our second #P.Burgostravels. We drove around Pangasinan! It was exciting because it's only an hour and a half away from our house via TPLEX. Zephrine will be turning 5 months old. Travelling is becoming our stress reliever and I'm loving it.

 Our first stop over was the Christmas Village in San Manuel. We enjoyed the lights and the creative floats each town created. They had a fantasy land, parol parade, Disney floats and etc. We took Binalonan Exit. San Manuel is about 15 minutes away from there. We didn't know this place. We just saw it on facebook. We wanted to feel the spirit of Christmas as the first day of December quickly passed.  

Then we went to Calasiao. This is the Puto producer capital of the country. 
They just started their Puto Festival 2016!

Overall, little Zephrine is becoming more comfortable with our long trips. She is my little travel girl. 
Michael is also improving a lot on his driving skill. Traveling with a baby is becoming less stressful to me. I discovered lots of ways to entertain Little Zephrine while we're on the express ways.
 I love this growth in our little family.



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