Youth Activities 2016


After being called as the Stake  YM 1st Counselor, Michael is now the new Stake Young Men President for Angeles Philippine Stake. The call was unexpected. But it brought a lot of growing for the both us. My love for my husband becomes stronger as I learn to support him effectively as a wife and also as a Young Women Leader. 
Our first activity as Youth Leaders was the Youth Conference 2016 last May in Gabalbon, Nueva Ecija. We also attended the Stake Seminary and Institute Graduation that same month. Those activities were very special to me as they both rekindled the joy when I was like them, a teenager.
We had our "Back to School Activity" for the month of June. It was a one day Sports event. We had basketball, volleyball, badminton, chess, and other relay games. Sister Lazatin led our exercise/warm up dance. We were so lucky because that same week, we had sets of rejected volleyball and basketball uniforms (because of minor details) from the factory where we are currently working at and had them as prizes. We also gave away football and other uniforms. It was a successful activity. Everyone enjoyed it even I myself being 8th month prego. We love Sports!

**** JUNE ****
Volleyball Champion
Basketball Champion
(reversible uniforms)

                 **** JULY ****
July was a spiritual month. We had our fireside. The theme was about Social Media and How to Use it based on our Church Standards. This was to remind the Youth that Social Media could either be a tool for spiritual progression or could serve as Satan's traps. 

I was tasked to give a short introduction of our theme. I started by sharing a thought from one of my business classes. My professor told us that students in a University are grouped into 5 looks/outfits; students who do not care about their looks, the hot/sexy students, the kikays or the fashionista, the unique styles, and the professional looks.  Then he concluded that those with a professional look are most likely the ones to succeed.  Our looks is majorly affected by our choice of Social Media and Entertainment. We look like the people we admire. We consciously or unconsciously imitate them. Then, our looks gradually becomes a part of our character  and personality.  I concluded with these guidelines from E. Bednar, 

**** AUGUST ****
Coming Soon Activity


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