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Life is worth recording! #journalkeeping
Hi Baby! Thank you for coming into our lives! We are so excited to meet you very soon. For now, I will keep writing you letters, and I hope someday you will feel how much you mean to me and Daddy! I love growing with you. Thank you for holding on so tight and for being as healthy as Mommy. Daddy takes good care of us so well! He is deeply grateful for you! You are a reminder of God's love and His wonderful plans for each of our lives.
You rock baby!! We will study the gospel together, listen to LDS Hymns and go to church with Daddy while you are inside Mommy's womb! Take care my little one!

Hi Baby Boo! Today is our 16th week. We successfully passed our 4-month mark! Cheehoo!! Did you know that you are Mommy's "Birthday wish"? I asked Heavenly Father to give me you right after I blew my birthday candles.  Daddy also prayed for you when we went to the temple last October (2015). You are a gift. ! Know that I feel extremely grateful that you came at a very perfect time just like how Mommy and Daddy met.

1Samuel 1:27,  "For this child I prayed; and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of him:

#Sharegoodess at Philippines Manila Temple

Our FIRST MONTH together was unnoticed. I didn't know that you're there already! Mommy was enjoying her nightly jog with Daddy and water therapy. I remember one time when I felt so tired after running for less than 5 minutes which was very weird because Mommy could run longer than Daddy. So I decided to rest and walked home. I kinda got a feeling that I might have you inside.
We had our temple date this month with Grandma Trudee, Auntie Ives, Uncle Denz and Daddy Mike. We spent almost 2 whole days at the Manila Temple and performed ordinances from Baptism, Endowment to Family Sealing for Grandma's parents, siblings and grand parents. It was so special feeling closer to our dear ancestors. I was blessed that I had this beautiful experience in the house of the Lord with you! 

Our SECOND MONTH was glorious! I found a part of my heart I didn't know existed. It was after Daddy's haircut when we bought a Pregnancy Test from Mercury Drug. I took the test and left it on our dining table. I asked Daddy to check the results for me. Then he said, "Nyles, there are two negative lines. You're not pregnant." I got confused so I checked the results for myself.
Our first ever ultrasound at Sacred Heart Medical Center
Daddy didn't know how to read Pregnancy Test.My heart beat faster. I knew it.
I was pregnant. Daddy cried for joy.  He prayed straightway to thank our dear Heavenly Father for giving you--- a very special blessing! We waited for you! Did you know that Mommy and Daddy weren't able to sleep the whole night after our Pregnancy Test? Yes! We were thinking about you. Dreaming about you---"our little family to be!"

This month, I started to feel more sick. I had nausea. I was bloated most of the time. I had minor headaches but everything was under control. Daddy was so caring. He was very helpful in every way! He did mostly all the household chores. He made sure we had enough rest, water, proper nutrition, and vitamins. He made us our milk every morning and every night.

Christmas 2015 at SM City Clark, Pampanga
Our THIRD MONTH was a treat! It was the holiday season. We celebrated Christmas with your Lola Lydia, Nanay Suting, Tita Iroal, the Santiago Family and with your cousins Denzel, Dwayne, Daniela and Iya. Then Tito Bernie and Tita Val came over from Ozamis for the New Year's Eve.
What a blast! We had a Christmas Program at home and Dad was one of the 3 Kings who gave baby Jesus and all of us exciting gifts. Although Mommy got tired easily most of the time, she couldn't control her energy when the people she loves are around her. We can't wait to spend this moment with you! We also did a lot of shopping and organizing for ProLook's Christmas Party. Did you know that there was one night when we had to ride a tricycle from SM San Fernando to our house in Angeles? It was a 1 hour+ travel! Thank you for being such a strong baby!Thank you for holding on so tight.
I am deeply grateful that we passed our first trimester successfully with flying colors. Lastly, Daddy & I celebrated our 1st Year Wedding Anniversary too! What a month full of special days! Just how you are to me- so special, so precious!


Angeles Ward 2 Valentines' Day Party
Our  FOURTH MONTH was full of love.This month we had many challenges together: physical, emotional and mental but guess what my dear? You were even stronger than Mommy! There were rough and gloomy days but I found a new antidote for any kind of stress? It is the sound of your heartbeats plus your kicks and moves! Whenever I feel you, I feel so much love! Indeed, "when a mother is pregnant, she is never alone!" Mom & Dad were also interviewed by President Angelito Bondoc for stake callings. I was gonna say "No" but Heavenly Father taught me one great lesson through this call. I learned that the best time to serve the Lord and to express to Him our love by following His will for us is when we are least capable to obey - when we think to ourselves that we simply couldn't do it, that we are weak and helpless, or that we are not enough. The atonement of Christ is there to enable us to accomplish the extraordinary. We give our best, He will do the rest. I love that my setting-apart blessings were extended to you. I felt more confident that I am going to have a healthy, easy and blessed pregnancy

MARCH. Our FIFTH MONTH was exciting! We were scheduled for our Congenital Scan, actually we could go for the usual ultrasound to find out your gender but Daddy wanted to count your fingers, check your eyes, and everything! He told me that you're his dream and he's so excited to meet you!

Gender Reveal Teaser (from our Engagement Collection)
It was a beautiful Sunday, March 20. The line was so long at Robinsons Mills, San Fernando, Pampanga. We weren't able to attend church. We waited from 10am to 3:00pm for our turn. I laid on a bed and my heart was pumping so fast. I prayed. I couldn't wait to know if you are our princess or my Nehemiah.... and so the scanned started. I was by myself with the Doctor, little did I know daddy was just right next to us, behind the curtains that divided us from him. He was watching you at a different TV/Screen. The Doctor showed me your head and heart, and measured both. They were perfect! She said your eyes were in a good condition, lips formed well, and the bridge of your nose was starting to develop. You were so "malikot" (moving so well), then you showed us your fingers both in your hands and in your feet. You have long fingers! We counted each and they were all complete. The Doctor commented, your baby is such a poser! See? She is showing us everything! (and I was like in my mind, "Like Mother, Like Daughter!). Then, you opened your legs, then the Doctor asked me, so what do you think? Is it a boy or a girl? I knew it from the very start that you were a girl but I just said, a boy?' and then she said, "No, she's a girl!" YAY! I have now a "mini me"!!! Three times she re-confirmed that you are a sweet baby girl!! We also checked your legs, arms, bones, ribs, back bones, and your other organs! Everything was growing normal and right! At the end of our session, she congratulated Mommy and Daddy for a healthy YOU! We were so excited to break the news! I told Grandma Trudee and the Person Family right away when we arrived at our house. Then Daddy announced it to the Burgos Clan. I also told our boss Dusty since he was here in the Philippines at that time and he texted us to tell Him. hahahaha! Everyone was so excited especially to see how we will be partners in crime but I am more excited to have you as my little assistant! We gave thanks to our dear Heavenly Father for this news, for you -- "our unexpected blessing".

Hi Mommy at 23 Weeks,  @Tita Jac's Wedding.

Our SIXTH MONTH was Fantastic! I was finally convinced to buy a brand new car. We were actually looking for a quality secondhand car since January of this year but I didn't like any of our prospects. We bought a 2015 model, Honda Brio Amaze, #everydayamazing. We love everything about this car! Heavenly Father is ever so gracious to all of His children. We can now go to places faster and safer. The best part is we can serve the Lord and magnify our callings better. I can't wait to visit our loved ones, friends and the beautiful places in our country with you baby! We named our car "Lucky". Adventures await you my dear!


Mother's Day @Angeles Ward 2

SEVENTH MONTH, May 2016. It was a very spiritual month for Daddy and Mommy. We had our first long distance road trip when we attended the Youth Conference in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija. I am so proud of Daddy as he develops his talents and especially his testimony of the gospel. We started to be more involved with the Youth Activities, getting to know each of them and meeting with the youth leaders per each ward. I enjoyed our stake visits as well. My favorite part of being a leader is the privilege to share our light through our testimonies, faith, wisdom and good examples. I feel extremely blessed to serve in this calling with my husband, and most of all with you baby while inside my womb. Together, we will build the Lord's Kingdom and empower our dear young friends. 

EIGHT MONTH, June 2016 . It was a fun, 
creative month. Mommy had a surprise baby shower by the Relief Society. It was so beautiful. It really touched my heart. They prepared lots of foods, games and gifts for us. Tita Patch and Tito Kev sent us a package of gifts for you too. We got all we need from baby clothes, gears, feeding stuff, toys, books and all other paraphernalias. Bishop Dan and his lovely wife gave us a pair of clothing. Tito Jeremie gave you a sleeper and a bag of clothes. Blessings were overflowing this month. We didn't need to buy a lot of things for you. Everything was provided by grace and love. I also started to make DIY organizers for your stuff. Nanay Suting stayed in our house this month. We helped her with her medications, making sure she's healthy before she left for Ozamis to assist Tita Val. We love Nanay! She is a heroine. Daddy and I were always doing our best to spend "babe time" together before your arrival. We went to Clark Museum and Parks with the Santiago Family. We were able to attend a temple session too and had our "Maternity Photoshoot" there by Ronuel Paredes. Yea! Let the good times roll! 

NINTH MONTH, July 2016. It was a workaholic month. The first week was our launching for the company's new websites and uniform builder. Jared, our CIO from Utah came over to lead this event. It was successful. We had a feast!!!! Second week was our team building at WhiteRock, Subic. There was a typhoon during this time but it didn't stop us. We had a blast! Daddy and I spent one night in the resort. I love this moment with him. This is going to be our last date before we become a family of three. Look at you baby! You were just too energetic and smart inside mommy. I can't wait to meet you! The following days, Dusty, our CEO from Utah arrived. We planned, planned and planned until you finally came out and said Hi to this world. 

My dear baby, this 9-month date blog went by so fast. You have taught me so much. You taught me to take good care of myself. You developed more patience in me. You strengthened my faith. You added joy to my life. And you gave me another reason to wake up each day with the perfect brightness of hope. I want you to know that I love each day of this pregnancy. You rock baby! 

Your one and only, "Mommy Nyles-cee"


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