My Labor and Delivery Story

"The Day I became a Certified Mother"

One of my greatest fears in life is to give birth. Every mother who passed through it attested how painful it was. However, the excruciating labor pains to the great pushing minutes creates the most joyous and glorious feeling of officially becoming a Mommy!
Giving birth is truly a miracle!!!
It is somehow comparable to the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. 
He came to the earth with a purpose of saving all of us from our sins. He knew that He would passed through great sorrows, hurtful persecutions, unfathomable physical and emotional pains.
But despite this knowledge, He still chose to do it so all of us will have the privilege of living with our Heavenly Father and our loved-ones for time and all eternity. 
Likewise, knowing how painful labor and delivery would be, every woman who is blessed to bear a child still choose to pass through it.

It was around 5:30am when mild contractions every 5-10 minutes woke me up last July 15, 2016. 
The pain was uncomfortable. I told my husband to go with me to the bathroom. After I peed, I had spotting and very little bleeding. Michael was shocked when he saw the blood. He changed clothes right away. I knelt down and prayed. He then came back to me and placed his hands upon my head to give me a priesthood blessing. From that very moment, I kept telling to myself to be strong.
This is it Nyles! You were born for this. Heavenly Father will be there every second of the day!

My husband was convincing me to go to the hospital but I was hesitant. I wanted to be sure that this ain't any of those false labors since my due date was still in 2 weeks (28th of July). I called my Sister Val who is a nurse. She told me to stay calm and to wait till my water bag breaks. I then called my Mother and Sister Patch while waiting for other signs. Their reaction was opposite. They advised us to go to the hospital right away. My husband got more anxious. We decided to follow my mother's advise. Luckily, our hospital bags were ready in our trunk.

T'was one of the most memorable drives we ever had so far.....
I texted my family, my sister Ivy and Iroal. I also asked my bff Jacquie, who is closest to us in distance to come over and accompany Michael while we were waiting for our families. 
Michael drove so fast even though the hospital was just 5 minutes away from our house. He was honking all the way to the emergency room. I was trying to calm him down haha! When we finally arrived, he screamed to the guard,  "Boss, Mangangank na Misis ko!"
 (My wife is about to give birth).

Inside the ER, they checked my blood sugar and it was so high. They asked me if I was high-blood, and I responded to the nurse, "No, I'm just nervous!" Then they brought me to the Labor/Operating Room. I put on a hospital gown. The nurses placed a monitoring device on my tummy for baby's heart beat. Then they checked how far was the baby from the womb to where she supposed to come out, it was 2cm. It was crazy!!! There were other pregnant women on labor too beside me, (only curtains divided us from each other). I was hearing their cries. The pushing table was also close to us so I could hear a mother delivering her baby. The OB was like, "OK, hold your breath, Inhale. Ready... Push!!", and then she counted from 1 to 10.
That scared me. Why am I hearing all these? But in the end,  I was grateful. It was like a labor class.

From 7am to 9am, it was still at 2cm. Contractions slowed down. I told my baby to sleep with me first because I was exhausted. My OB instructed me to go home, walk some more and drink the thing that would open my pelvic (pampahilab). I agreed with her because I was very hungry too. So I came out from the Operating Room shamefully in a wheelchair. Michael was sitting with all the other fathers and relatives of those mothers on labor. It was very funny. He was carrying all our stuff. When he saw me, he was like.. "Okay, where are we going now? What room?" and I was like, "come here. Come closer. We are going back home! False Alarm."
The Nurse who assisted us told us that if this was a true labor, I wouldn't be able to smile.
So, we drove around the city to relax. But the pains didn't cease. We ate at Jollibee. I told him I wanted to sleep at home.

My Sister Ivy and her family finally arrived (from Bulacan). Ate Iroal also came right away from Pasig.  She went to the hospital. She insisted to the receptionist that she was there for Nyla Burgos. She didn't know I was sent back home.  She called me and asked for my room number. I was like, room number-bahay (house).  Their support was full-force. I was one lucky sister. Mama Lydia, Michael's mom was still on her way from Tuguegarao.
We were laughing and laughing as I related to them our "false alarm story".
I took a hot bath/shower and wore a beautiful purple dress from my Mommy. I now called this my labor gown. The contractions didn't stop. Light bleeding continued.
Ate Iroal told me to be ready any time.
I kept talking to my baby the whole day.I told her to be good, to be cooperative and to come out today.I had a strong feeling that I will deliver my baby at 38th week. I just knew it.

At around 4:00pm, the back pain got intense. I ate and kept walking.
4:30 PM - I was crying. I told them to get ready, and we shall go to the hospital.
I ate some more bread. We dropped by Mercury Drugs to buy the rest of the things we need. We arrived at the hospital around 5:00-5:15 PM. I headed straight from the Emergency Room to the Labor Room. Michael was cheering for me all the way.
He was like, "Go Nyles! Kaya mo yan! (You can do it!)

It was a perfect timing! My Ob was there with her team. They were preparing for a CS Operation scheduled at 7:00 PM.  What a glorious day! So when she saw me, she hurriedly assisted me. It was a 7-star service. I was at 6cm already! I love how they were all calm and very encouraging to me. I was shaking and chilling. I couldn't explain the feelings. I was excited, trying to stay strong. I was so nervous. Clueless. It was very painful and I just wanted to get through it so bring it on. It was like a dream!! I told my baby to stay strong and that we can do this together.
Hugging and kissing each other is just hours away.

The contractions progressed until I reached 9cm. I decided to get an epidural. The anesthesiologist was awesome. I didn't feel anything when she injected the pain reliever. They broke my water bag. Finally, the time has come! I was transferred to the pushing table. I was feeling a little calmer now. I even managed to take a selfie before I pushed.
My Ob was full of poise. She was relaxed. Her voice was soothing.
We started to push. Baby had 2 cord-coil. After 6 to 7 pushes, she finally came out.
We took some photos.

It was 6:51 PM. We became officially a family of 3.

My last 3 consecutive pushes were so memorable to me. I called Heavenly Father for help on the last one. I felt His love encircled around me. When I saw my baby, I couldn't explain the overflowing joy. When I heard her cry, it was the most beautiful and magical sound! I felt a different kind of love , a love that I have never felt before, a mother's love. 

Welcome to the world Zephrine! I now have someone I can call "my daughter".

Our first photo. Forever the most special.


  1. Congratulations Unsay! We are so proud of you! You are very strong and faithful! Much love to you and your cute family!


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