How Could Someone Loves You Just the Way your Mother Does?

"My Nanay Sofie"
(Soterania Salgado)

Being a working mom myself, it's indeed very hard to find a reliable, trustworthy someone to help you raise your kids and loves them just the way you love them. Now that I have my own 2-week old baby, I could finally say that this is one of the most precious times of my life yet it is also the most challenging. This is my Nanay Suting. She was Mommy's assistant when we were still babies while she was working as a full-time executive secretary for IRRI's General Director, Nyle Brady. Nanay taught me the real meaning of service. She never spanked me nor hurt me.  She bought me my favorite candies whenever Mommy needed to go to her office to stop me from crying. Nanay knew my favorite school uniforms and since there was only one, she washed it every night so I could wear it everyday. She knew my favorite foods and favorite toys.  There were days when we didn't like our viand, then she'd secretly cooked hotdogs/any cold cuts or eggs and hid them under our rice so we can eat our veggies with it. We had lots of trips to the market and hospital appointments together whenever I got sick. She told me that there was one time when Mommy and her had a fight and she decided to leave us. But then she returned back because of her love for me and my siblings. She was worried that no one would be there for us. Her genuine love is so evident every time she does extra efforts beyond the ordinary acts of love. She even wasn't able to marry because of her devotion to our family. 
From then on, we called her our second Mother.
"Nanay is more than a blessing to us, she is a miracle." I am very grateful that I was able to spend a whole month with her last June of this year. It was a privilege for me to show my gratitude and charity towards her. I love her with all my heart and soul. 


We had so much fun with Nanay Sofi! 
I also learned 3 powerful lessons from her during this short period of vacation:
1. The best time to help and extend our hands is when we are least capable to do so. Being pregnant  while helping Nanay finished all her treatment and medications was challenging. I found myself helpless, sleepy and tired. But my love for her sustained the energy I needed so I could serve the mother who unselfishly gave herself to us. I also monitored her diet and we achieved our goals!
2. Do your best each day to avoid regrets. Regrets are real!!!!!! Nanay taught me that we will have less regrets if we focus on the things that matter most. We will always make mistakes but we have the choice and power to correct them. A beautiful life is never by chance nor  by luck but it is a result of our consistent obedience to the will of the Father.
3. Read the Book of Mormon daily. Nanay is an inspiration! She is an example of how we should endure to the end during this mortal probation. She does the "basics" of the gospel of Jesus Christ every single day. 

The best thing about memories is we can create it.
...and we can create them with our families and loved-ones.
God be thank for His priceless gift of TIME.


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