DIY Baby Clothes Organizer

Oh the small stuff!! They are so cute and so fun to organize!!!
I witnessed how my married sisters' lives were changed when their babies came to their families. 
The first 3 months were like a roller coaster ride. It's a 180 degrees turn around. 
You should never expect your life to go back just the way it was. 
But to embrace your new life, new routines and new world. 
Although I will never ever be 100% ready, I desire to be as prepared as I could be.
I made a DIY Baby Clothers Organizer so I can sort things our faster. 
I might not be able to fold them beautifully but finding what I need will be easier. 

STEP 1: Get equal sized boxes. I regret that I cut the cover of these boxes. I am not sure if having these covers as protection from any insects/dirt is better. But I am planning to make one soon. 

STEP 2: Cover with cute colored papers.

STEP 3: Cover all parts with plain,light colored cartolina/construction papers.

STEP 4: Put labels.

STEP 5: Cover with plastic wraps (transparent).

STEP 6: Arrange as desired. 

I enjoyed this project a lot. Thanks to my Sister Patchy for the materials and also to my ever supportive husband.
There you go!! Here's my DIY "Baby Clothes Organizer."



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