Part II: Minimalism in Social Media


5 Easy Ways to Streamline Social Media

We couldn't deny it! Social Media is such a strong force today. It affects our thoughts, words and feelings. Information is just a click away but we don't need them all. My life has changed when I decided to cut down the amount of time I spend with internet. Here's how I manage my account.

1. Personal Evaluation. List down all your social media account.
  • The first step is basically a personal examination of how active or inactive you are in social networking. 
  • You list down on a piece of paper all of your accounts and then ponder how much time you spend on each category.
  • Then ask yourself if they are helpful to you? Makes you feel happy? Insecure? Worried? 
  • Why do you use it?

2. Redirect your purpose and set new goals.
Once you've completed your evaluation, ponder if you need to change your purpose on each category.
Set new goals on how much time you will now spend on social media.

***PS. I also use Skype for instant messaging

3. DISCONNECT. Then "Reconnect"
Filter your account by:

  • Make sure you know the people you add, follow and approve.
  • Personally, I unfollowed all my friends on facebook except family members. I re-connect with them by intentionally visiting their profiles and dropping by to send a DM/hello message.
  • Change my passwords regularly.
  • I also make sure that I achieve my purpose every time I use my social networks.

4. Set a Schedule and stick to it.
I already set specific schedules for social networking. Now, I only need to stick to it. This one is very challenging especially because my hands automatically check my accounts every time I am holding my phone. Discipline is required. Putting my phone inside my wallet (luckily, there's a space for it there) before I enter our house promotes self-control.

***PS. I also use Skype for instant messaging.

5. Turn Off, Deactivate-- then Reset.
Logout from your accounts before going to bed (if you think this is necessary). This eliminates distractions (plus it helps me remember passwords).
Put your phone in "airplane mode" to minimize exposure from radiation.
Enabling airplane mode always disables Wi-Fi. -- thus promotes a goodnight sleep!
Print your schedule and post it.
Deactivate accounts you never use.
Reset - Evaluate

My life is happier now. It's more organize!
An organize lifestyle is a peaceful way of life. 
I can now focus my attention to the things that matters most--
like spending time with the people I love.
We only have 24 hours a day. Divided by 3 is equal to 8.
8 hours for sleeping and rest
8 hours for work and errands
8 hours for personal use (shower, travel, scripture study, meals)
As President Rob Querido once quoted,


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