Working out the Salvation of the Dead


As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter -days, we believe that Families can be together forever someday. Death is not the end. But how can we work out the Salvation of our dead-loved ones and make our families eternal? In the ancient times as recorded in the Bible, God commanded the prophets and His people to build temples where the ordinances and covenants were performed. Today, the true Church of Jesus Christ continually follows this command. I want to express my deep gratitude for the Prophet Joseph Smith who became the instrument of restoring this truth once lost because of the Great Apostasy. 

As of 2016, we have 150 temples in operation all over the world. Two of these are in the Philippines - Manila and Cebu. We had a memorable experience last November 2015 during All Souls Day with my husband, mom and sister, Ivy.  My husband and I performed several ordinances for my mother's parents and siblings as proxies. It was so far the longest time I've been inside the temple since it took us two full days to finish all we needed to do. We started from Baptism, to Endowment and to Sealing them as an "eternal family". My heart melted as I witnessed my mother and all of her siblings (except one) being sealed to their parents for time and all eternity. What a glorious day for our family! I have gained a stronger love for my ancestors and I feel more excited to see and meet them one day! 
Elder Richard G. Scott declared,

"Any work you do in the temple is time well spent, but receiving ordinances vicariously for one of your own ancestors will make the time in the temple more sacred and, even greater blessings will be received."

I testify that this marvelous work is true and is from God. I was once a temple worker at the Laie, Hawaii Temple while attending school at BYU-Hawaii. It brought so much joy and serenity in my life, but how greater was my joy when this time, I was able to help my own ancestors received these wonderful blessings of eternal life and salvation. To learn more about Family History and Genealogy Work, visit or click this link below:


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