What is your Color?


So this is going to be a fast write-up. I just want to make sure I won't forget to post this fashion advise. I was watching Mimi Ikonn, an image consultant on YouTube (see link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Frjw4SX1S-4), and she talked about how to know what are the best shades of colors for our complexion. She emphasized that people should notice not our clothes but our glow. She discussed how colors have huge effects on our total image, making what we are wearing more noticeable than us. To know which colors could bring out the best in you, here's her advises.


1. Determine if you are a cool or a warm season by placing a silver vs a gold fabric around your neck (see below). Check which one enhances your face. Which makes your eyes look clear and bright?

                                       Silver                                     VS                                 Gold

2. Vein Test: Are you veins green or blue? Green is warm, and blue is cool. 
3. Eye Test: Are you eyes cool or warm? Light/Hazel Brown is warm, and black is cool. 

After distinguishing if you are a warm or a cool person, the next part is to know whether you are a Cool-Light? or a Cool Dark? Are you a Warm-Light? or a Warm Dark? This is usually determined by our hair colors, 

LIGHT HAIR COLOR = blonde, light brown, light red
DARK HAIR COLOR  = dark brown, dark red, and black. 

If you are COOL and DARK you are WINTER
If you are COOL and LIGHT you are SUMMER
If you are WARM and DARK you are FALL
If you are WARM and LIGHT you are SPRING

Now that you know which season you belong, refer to the color pallets below. As you can see, the right shade of red differs from each season. This is going to be a great reference when I go shopping for clothes, shoes, or bags. And by the way I belong to the Winter season. 


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