Welcome to My Blog 2016!

Finally, I had the chance to sit down and write my very first blog for the year! I've been looking for creative designs and wallpapers for my page and I couldn't choose so I let my husband decide and picked for me. Happy New Year! 2016 started so good and nice not just for me and my husband but for both our extended families! So many good things are happening right now and I might want to write separate blogs for each blessing. The last quarter of the year was awesome! I got my new lucky charm and our families spent the holidays with us here in Pampanga. What a blissful end!
Today, I am very much grateful for my husband who is currently washing our dishes.. hahaha! He is the best! I have lots of things to do  and deadlines and I feel like lazy every time. I am doing wedding invitations for my co-workers. Tomorrow is a big day for hubby!!!!!! Well, I know he is going to be awesome and great as he is always been. I am learning so many things on how to be a good wife... I hope every woman desires for their husbands to become a man of God.. I've been pondering so much about that lately and I've been falling in-love deeper and deeper with my husband.. 
Last year I was kinda a good wife to him so this year I want to be better with that.. I've been studying so hard on how to be a fascinating woman! yeah! that book is sick but it pressures me a lot. Well, i have too many random thoughts and that's exactly my personality...

So last night, my boss and my best friend Jac with her fiancĂ© came over to our house for a dinner. My husband cooked his special Tinola, well that's one of mygreatest blessings, a husband who knows how to cook, and grabe!!! I realised how normal my life has been and what in a world I am surrounded with these rich people?? They were sharing about their lives and how many threats they had went through! Oh well!! thats life! I also had a short chat with my friend Pie Valdez-Chun in Hawaii who is currently working as a model there and we were talking about Jac's cat, Blackie-- well I am accusing that pet as a cause why Jac has too many pimples lately! hahaha! well honestly i love that cat  but I still don't like how she scratches my feet!!  Oh Pet! I am so dying to have a pet, a dog or fishes!!!! Ate Iroal recently got herself an aquarium and I am so freaking jealous!!!! My husband loves fishes and his dad gave us a 20 galloon aquarium but its at their house in Tuguegarao!!! So sad about that!

Ok so my husband keeps bothering me right now.... He brought me a salad from Kenny Rogers!
By the way we just celebrated our first wedding anniversary!!!!! crazy!! its been a year and I am planning to blog about the things I learned as a married person! I still can't believe sometimes that I am married! hahahaha!! Twa's a Mickey's roller coaster ride indeed!!! 

So what are my topics for this year on this blog?? So much to say, so much to write. Basically, I guess this year's blog is more on pregnancy stuff and motherhood because yes!!!!!!! I am prego!!!!!!!!!! Seriously,  I have imagined myself many times raising my own kids but to carry a child in my womb!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! Lately, I've been missing my regular work-outs and jogging :( but I know I can still do them in the next part of this pregnancy!! This is like a dream..

Oh-oh! so my husband is done washing the dishes!! He washed quite a lot hahahahahahaahhah as you can see, I started blogging when he started washing the plates and he just finished now! Well, time for love moments and scripture study!! This companionship study has blessed our lives together!!! I still can't believe how well we are doing on this goal!! Scripture Power!!!!!! 

Good Night Blog!! 



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