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Friday, April 1, 2016

Skin Care

Lately, I suffered from heat rash. It was so itchy and very uncomfortable that I had a hard time sleeping at night. To my surprise, I never thought that my favorite facial mask was actually the cure for this agony, the "oatmeal-milk and honey face mask". What a relief!!!!! I am really happy that my rashes are almost gone now plus my skin is even better now.

Here's my skincare routine every night:

1. Rest my face. You don't want to wash your face when your eyes are still tired.
2. Wash it with a regular warm water. Apply my Oatmeal-Milk and Honey Face Mask.
Then wait till it dries up.
3. Rinse with warm water thoroughly.
4. I then use St. Ives facial scrub as my cleanser. But with my rashes I use a gentle soap like dove, cetaphyl or safeguard is okay.
5. Then I apply ice pack all over my face and to my rashes. I just wrap ice cubes with a paper towel.
6. And finally, I moisturize.
7.  P.S. I put cornstarch to my rashes too.

With stretchmarks, I learned from my readings that I need to consistently apply anti-stretch marks lotion on my tummy especially below, on the side legs/hips and on my lower butt. I really need to find a good deal with this lotion since most of the brands are too pricey. Hopefully, like my sisters I won't have any marks. OFA ATU!! I remember just now this oil that was recommended to me by my Tongan besties in Hawaii!!!! I am soooooo smart talaga!! hahahaha! Okay this is way cheaper than a 3k pesos lotion. This is about a thousand and S&R has them!!!!! What a joyful day!!! Thats its for now and I will finish my frozen yogurt naman!!!!!

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