The Growing Person Family (2016)

February 1, 2016
Angeles, Pampanga

THE PERSON FAMILY - The best that can be!

Life is priceless, and it all begins in the family.  I know God is our Heavenly Father and we are all His children. Each of us is part of his eternal and universal family. Some may have a happy family, some may not. However, there is no perfect family on this earth but each of us have the power and choice to create a happy family and be with them FOREVER- our piece of heaven on earth!

This Sunday Morning, I woke up feeling really grateful for my family. I am grateful for my father who's been very loving and faithful to my mother. I have a huge testimony that because of his awesomeness, his daughters were blessed with amazing husbands. I am excited for my parents for they just bought a new car and are now able to enhance their driving skills. I love how they nourish their relationship by going on regular dates and tours together. I am also feeling blessed that I am able to talk to my mother a lot lately. She tells me about her pregnancy and how painful were they and how the pains vanished away right when she saw us. So Sweet! My mother is one of the coolest mothers! She loves fashion, writing, music and she's everyone's mother!! Every time I talk to her, we always share our testimony and then we pray with my Father. I love how spiritual she is. She is very strong and that's what I admired most with her. My mother and my Father were "ulilang lubos", their parents both died when they were young. Although they had a very hard and rough childhood, I am very pleased that through the atonement and gospel of Christ they did all their best to raise a wonderful family of their own, and that's US (wink*). Oh I love them soo much!! I am so lucky to have them.
I am also very excited for my Ate Iroal!!! Finally her US Petition is now rolling, and the waiting game has begun! We are all praying for her immigration application fast approval!!! She is so hardworking and very helpful not just to us but to all of our relatives in every way! She deserves to see the world and eventually be with her eternal companion!! I love my Ate Iroal! She takes good care of me so well.Yesterday, Ate Ivy and her family, the Santiagos visited us here in Pampanga! My niece and nephews brought fries, ice cream and our favorite peach mango pies for Baby Burgos. They are so nice and they lent us their blender since I've been craving for smoothies and blended juices lately! Yahoo! Thank you guys!!! Ate Ivy also started working as an English Teacher for korean kids in class, not online. She was so funny when she told us about her teaching demonstration!!hahaha It's a majestic accomplishment for her because she never worked since she got married so being able to work again after 10 years was a big adjustment for her. Patchy!! Yes, Ate Irene started going back to school. I am so proud of her! She is now pursuing her dreams to be in the Medical World. We pray that eventually she will become a doctor. She is the smartest in our family. She passed all her placement tests despite of being out of school for 7+ years now! Isn't she a genius? Exactly like her husband!!

My nieces and nephews are growing so fast!!! No more babies in the family so I think it's the best time for me and Ate Val to add new members to the family. 2015 ended blissfully when I found out that I am prego while this year started sparkly when Ate Val announced her pregnancy too!
I have a very strong feeling that our future kids were best friends in the Pre-existence. We're just weeks apart. Isn't it amazing? They waited for each other and basically jumped off together to the earth holding hands!!! So precious >",<  Bernie is still busy with their family families and they were able to join us here in Luzon to celebrate New Years! Michael also started to work for QStrike! Yes for our company. We hired him as the new Office Manager. He manages our branch office here in the Philippines. I think he is really enjoying his new job. I am glad for this opportunity that he can enhance his organizing and communication skills. Anyways, Kuya Kev is still inventing lots and lots of things. He just celebrated his birthday and I made him a very cute video, I think.haha I made one for Kuya Dennis too. Kuya Dennis is getting busier with all his church callings. He is still the in the Bishopric. Nanay SOFI!!! I need to buy her a watch!!!  Nanay Sofi is still beautiful and rocking her curly hair. I love Nanay SOFI. I need to buy a TV and an AC soon for her.hahaha She plans to stay in our house when I give birth. So those two are a MUST!  It makes me happy when I make her happy. I will never ever forget her sacrifices and love for me and for my siblings. She taught me the value of true and genuine service.
Chichit is sooooo cute and Miggy too!!!  When I talk to them, my heart desires for a baby boy.. But then when I see Emma and her being maarte makes me want to have a baby girl. Dwayne had a little accident at his school. He almost broke her middle finger... It broke all of our hearts but he was so strong!!!! He didn't cry at all. So Kuya Vey and Ate Daniela are so tall! Daniela fits my shoes already while Kuya Vey acts so much like his dad!hahaha He is like a mini kev!
I love my family. I am so blessed to have them all! They are so precious and very loving! I am thankful that though there were challenges last year, we were able to move on and press forward with faith. God indeed heals our broken hearts and makes them new. #LittlethoughtsofmyHeart



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