Part I: Minimalism in the Home


Becoming a Minimalist
Haiku - making life simple, elegant and full of meaning!

My Pregnancy has blessed my life in every way. I decided to become a Minimalist when I was writing down my goals for "Before the Great Pushing Day".
My first trimester went by so fast. I focused my readings on how to be healthy while growing my baby inside. Then I wrote down labor classes, what to expect for the first year, shopping baby stuff and exercise for my last trimester (more physical preparations).
So with my goals all set for the first and the last trimesters, I pondered on what I can do while at my second trimester? I chose to be a Minimalist. --- A great way to prepare our house, routines, social life and finances.


As per this project, I created a checklist of what I changed in each area of our house. Each list has 3 main goals: Cleanliness, Orderliness and Godliness. I wanted a house that is easy to maintain "Cleanliness".After our wedding last year, we rented an apartment that looked like a storage room with a black linoleum on the floor. The walls were painted green. I came home from work each day exhausted, and our house's atmosphere made me feel even more tired. Right now we are renting a house with white roof and walls. I also love our tiled flooring with light bluish and white combinations. Oh!!! what a huge difference!!!!! Being pregnant makes you feel tired most of the time. A clean home helps relieve my stress and calms my mind. Light colors make a house looks cleaner and brighter. I learned that a minimalist house should invite natural lighting - the sun!
"Orderliness" means tidiness and systematically. I accomplished this goal by donating things we haven't use for the past six months. We de-cluttered-- and this was challenging since I had lots of small stuff that are sentimental to me. We also scheduled our house hold chores and other activities routinely in order to be orderly.
GODLINESS - I wanted a house that is a refuge to me and my family.  A home I can call "a piece of Heaven on Earth.

10 Commandments of a Minimalist Lifestyle
Invite natural lighting. Use less curtains.
Choose earth colors. Use light and more shades of white.
Choose simple and plain designs in every way!
Throw away trash and things you never use. Be Clean.
Use only what you need.
Less Stuff. More Space. Better ventilation.
Recycle. Buy ONLY to replace.
Do not over schedule. Give time for yourself.
Save. Conserve Energy.
Have a Balance.

1. Choose fresh colors for bed sheets, pillows and curtains.
I just realized while blogging that we unconsciously picked color green as our room's motif. We only have our bed, our baby's crib, and a cabinet inside.
2. Organize my closets, shoes and personal stuff (make-ups/kikays).  This time, I removed all unused clothes for the past 6 months. I challenged my husband to donate some of his shirts and for every 3 shirt, he will get a new one. This was just to motivate him since at first this was so hard for him. Eventually, we both decided to level up our closets and fashion style to promote maturity and simplicity especially now that we will be parents soon.
We also gave away some of our shoes and kikay (beautification tools) paraphernalia. My make up table is cleaner now. I threw away all expired bottles. If I want new containers or organizers (especially for the baby stuff), I make them instead of buying them.
I also threw away journals, letters, cards, simple souvenirs and other documents. I took a picture of them instead so I can keep the words and important notes written on them.
3. Put labels if necessary.  I realized that it is going to be easier for me to keep everything organize just the way I want it by putting labels. For sure there will be helpers when I give birth and I don't want to keep telling them where to put stuff ( like clothes, kitchen tools and etc.) but the signs will direct them. Thus, this promotes less talking, less confusion and less stress.


Brown and Green Motif.
I'm planning to put family and important events photos soon. 
Right now, I only have the Savior's, the temple and our Marriage Certificate displayed in our living room. I also love this fake chamomile centerpiece (though it looks real in person).
Living things keep the atmosphere alive.
Then I have photo albums below our coffee table. 
Our apartment is small so I try to save more space by choosing medium sized furniture.
Although I love carpets, I decided not to get one since carpets are hard to clean.
Less stuff, easier cleaning.

Our Dining Room and Kitchen are right next to each other. I also chose a flower vase as a centerpiece. I used to have a bowl of fruits but I decided to put it on top of our fridge instead. I love these flowers from Patch. It made our Dining Room looks more fresh. Every time we eat here, we open our windows to save electricity.
For our kitchen, I only have kitchen tools, utensils and plates that we use daily (good for only two people) in our dish rack. It's funny because I noticed that we're forced to wash our dishes right away or else we'll have nothing to use for the next meal. I stored the rest of our kitchen wares in a white big plastic box container. I only take some out if necessary and mostly when we have visitors. Then I put them back.

Our home is our reflection. I learned from this experience that having less actually means having more. I didn't know that I have so much to share and it made me so happy to be able to give. It was very therapeutic. It strengthened my self-esteem. Sharing is a great way to cultivate gratitude in our lives. When we are grateful, we are more humble. We recognize the greatest Giver, even our Heavenly Father. When I go to the malls, it is easier for me now to avoid buying unnecessary things because I know what I have at home.

Next Blog Post: Detox #3, Minimalism in your Finances


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