Life is like a Sailboat

This chapter helps us understand the meaning and purpose of trials in our lives. It teaches us how to stay grateful along the path.  When I came back home to the Philippines from the US after almost 5 years of schooling, I faced a rough transition. I stayed in Pasig City with my sisters. It was also my first time to live in one of the busiest cities in Quezon City/Manila. I didn't adjust well with the weather, lifestyle and most of all the heavy traffic. I got sick for almost 2 months with cough, flu and skin allergies. Like mother Sarah, I too did murmur. She was worried for his sons, and I was worried for my future. But I would like to emphasize Father Lehi's character in the story. He knew who to trust. In times of distress, just like how the Savior calmed the raging seas, He will also calm your raging emotions. When our life is centered in Christ, we find joy even in darkest times. We will not lose our sight of the eternal perspective and the purpose of trials in our life. Eventually, we will possess a continuous feeling of gratitude towards our Maker. Isn't it amazing how trials teaches us to trust the Lord and likewise, we feel His trust on us? We will understand that we have these tests for own good and that the Lord believes in our abilities so we can reach our highest potentials, even to become like Him.

I am still learning this principle in my own life. I am hoping and praying that one day I will be able to face each trial with a glad heart and without murmurings. I'm very grateful that I was able to recognize this weakness in me, and I know if I humble myself before God-- everything is possible. My weakness could become my strengths.


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