Comforts while Pregnant (Must Have!)

Having a child is a very exciting experience for every couple. I have always imagine myself holding a baby but I never really thought of my pregnancy journey. I've been researching a lot about parenting and only started reading stuff on pregnancy when I got married. So today as a first time mom, I would like to list down "must haves" that are helping me right now for a healthy, happy pregnancy!

1. MATERNITY BRAS - Inhale, exhale. 
"Conscious breathing" is very healthy for the mommy and the baby. This good habit helps supply enough oxygen for both. After buying my first two pairs of maternity bra, my breathing becomes more natural and comfortable. What a relief from wearing just my regular bras! I got these from SM Supermarket. The price is between PHP 150 to 350 pesos. I believe there are cheaper kinds outside the mall and they are good too.

2. MATERNITY PILLOWS - the white pillows are from my best friend, Irish. They are nice because the foams are very soft and they actually deform to satisfy your comfortability. Maternity pillows to be honest is pricey especially when you buy it online. I got mine from a friend. She sold it to me for only PHP500. Another option you have is to try making your own (DIY). It will save you a lot of $. I love these pillows!!!! My baby is safer and it helps ease my backache. Plus, you can use this pillow when you breastfeed your baby in the future.

3. BELLY ARMOR - Since I work mostly with my laptop everyday, this belly band shields my baby from radiation. I wear this on top of my under-garments. There is also a blanket/cloth version of this RadiaShield Fabric.

4.  BABY & PERSONAL JOURNALS - I love journals as you can see I love writing! My baby journal is basically a scrapbook of my pregnancy journey. This is where I keep my baby's ultrasound photos, PT, doctor's note, her height/weight, and how well she is doing inside my womb. I also have little notes for her and records of our dates together. The Personal Journal is where I write my moods, feelings for the day,happiness, emo modes, and where I dump all the negativity I'm feeling at a moment to ease any stress or emotional roller coaster rides. It's actually very healthy and I always bring this one with me for instant relief.

5. COMFORTABLE CLOTHES - this one majorly depends on what is comfortable for you. Like for me, I prefer 50% cotton, loose and in white/light colors. 

6. PREGNANCY MOBILE APPS - These two are my favorites, What to Expect and Baby Center. 

They both offer lots of advises from pregnancy day 1 to labor to post par tum. They will give you weekly updates specifically on your baby's development each period. They also provide checklists of what to buy, what to do and how to give first aids/relief to common pregnancy discomforts. The Baby Center app has birthing and labor classes. I am planning to start learning more about these two next month so I can be less nervous on "the great pushing day!"

7. SNACK BASKETS/BAGS- These are where you store foods and grab-on snacks. I have one for work , a basket inside our room and also a container on top of our fridge. This idea saves us extra pennies because I buy wholesale snacks then distribute them to these different baskets. I also drink 10-12 glasses of water everyday or more. However, it's best to drink more during the day and less at night so your bathroom trips won't interrupt your good night sleep. 
8. MOMMY-BABY TIME  - Every Sunday morning and some other days if time permits, I take time to listen intently to classical music while exposing my tummy to the rays of the sun.... *pa-sunshine mode! I'm able to do this because we positioned our bed where the sunlight enters our room through our window.  I love this time special time with my baby. Sometimes I read stories with her, sing, talk to her, play the piano, and even write letters to my baby.  I also consider my milk dates with my baby as our special bonding time. I drink 2 glasses of milk every day, during breakfast and before I go to bed. What a precious kind of love--- "loving someone so much even before you meet her/him." 

9. SKIN CARE: For stretch marks, use bio oil/olive oil. I decided to stop using my regular bath soap and facial wash and switched to Johnson's Baby Milk+ Rice bath soap. This serves as my moisturizer too! l I also put body lotion as much as I could to eliminate dryness and itchiness on my skin. I am using the Johnson's baby lotion too,with Milk + Rice. They are really a good. My OB advised me to just use regular lotion for my tummy instead of the pricey anti-stretchmarks lotions or the whitening kind one.

10. Finally, my HYGIENE-COMFORT KIT. This is where I keep my basic remedies such as Vicks/Efficascent oil, Lavender oil, Hand Sanitizer, Lip Balm, Olive oil (for Priesthood Blessing purposes), Pre-natal vitamins,  and other Kikay stuff for retouch. I am very much thankful for this pregnancy. It teaches me so well on how to take good care of my own body and to be more responsible especially of the little one inside me.
P.S. I take my prenatal vitamin every day at lunch time. 

Happy Pregnancy to all First time Mothers! Comment and share your ideas!


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