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Thursday, April 28, 2016

What is your Color?


So this is going to be a fast write-up. I just want to make sure I won't forget to post this fashion advise. I was watching Mimi Ikonn, an image consultant on YouTube (see link:, and she talked about how to know what are the best shades of colors for our complexion. She emphasized that people should notice not our clothes but our glow. She discussed how colors have huge effects on our total image, making what we are wearing more noticeable than us. To know which colors could bring out the best in you, here's her advises.


1. Determine if you are a cool or a warm season by placing a silver vs a gold fabric around your neck (see below). Check which one enhances your face. Which makes your eyes look clear and bright?

                                       Silver                                     VS                                 Gold

2. Vein Test: Are you veins green or blue? Green is warm, and blue is cool. 
3. Eye Test: Are you eyes cool or warm? Light/Hazel Brown is warm, and black is cool. 

After distinguishing if you are a warm or a cool person, the next part is to know whether you are a Cool-Light? or a Cool Dark? Are you a Warm-Light? or a Warm Dark? This is usually determined by our hair colors, 

LIGHT HAIR COLOR = blonde, light brown, light red
DARK HAIR COLOR  = dark brown, dark red, and black. 

If you are COOL and DARK you are WINTER
If you are COOL and LIGHT you are SUMMER
If you are WARM and DARK you are FALL
If you are WARM and LIGHT you are SPRING

Now that you know which season you belong, refer to the color pallets below. As you can see, the right shade of red differs from each season. This is going to be a great reference when I go shopping for clothes, shoes, or bags. And by the way I belong to the Winter season. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Precious LIFE'S Lessons from the LDS Temples

TEMPLES - the literal house of the Lord on Earth. It is a symbol of what it would be like in Heaven. So tonight, I decided to blog about the temples I have been and the memories I had there. I am also sharing the lessons each taught me.


I gained my testimony of the Holy Spirit at this temple. It was a beautiful day when I was playing with the other primary kids who were also waiting outside while our parents were attending a temple session. I was about 8 or 9 years old at this time. We ran to the backyard of the temple and started to roll down on the grass. It was so much fun since the grounds there are hilly! While I was rolling down so fast, I've heard a still small voice telling me to STOP IMMEDIATELY, and I followed that voice. 
When I looked to where I was about to land, I saw a light post right in front of me. My head was almost hit. That very moment, I learned that the Holy Ghost (Spirit) is true. He watches over us. He is there to protect and to warn us of any danger that lies ahead. When we are worthy to enter the temple, we will also be worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost. What an honor it is to be with one of the members of the Godhead! I thank the Lord for teaching me this wonderful lesson as young as I was.
Our Family Sealing. THE PERSON FAMILY, the best that can be!
Sealing of the Narag Family, Mommy's family.
 All of us received our temple endowment in this temple
Mine was on January 13, 2010 with my parents and sister Ivy.
My Sister Ivy was sealed for time and all eternity to her husband, 
Dennis Bosque Santiago on May 5, 2005. 
It was the most memorable wedding 
because the members of our family were complete.
First Temple Session with hubby as BF and GF (May 2014)
Our Temple Marriage on January 8, 2015.
Hubby prayed for our first child here last October 2015, 
and it was granted after a month.

August 2008, USA

SERVICE - this is the one word to summarize this holy house. This temple strengthened my desire to serve a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I visited the Temple Visitor Center almost everyday for two months before I left for Cebu Mission. I developed a greater love for the prophet Joseph Smith as I regularly watched the movie about his life. I was amazed of all his sacrifices and what he went through for the cause of the restoration of the gospel of Christ. I often asked myself the same question, How far can I go for the building of Lord's kingdom on earth? My testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon was also empowered. I love this book! I know for sure that this is another testament of Jesus Christ.

In 2012 when I returned back to BYU-Hawaii to finish my major, I applied as a volunteer temple worker. I was set apart by President Kanekoa who was a counselor to the temple president at that time. He promised that I shall never run out of spiritual and temporal resources as I fulfill valiantly my duties and responsibilities in the temple. This decision has blessed my life enormously. Up until today, I never did run out of any resources. When we put God first, every thing will work out for our good. I also learned from President Workman that "we go to the temple not to be with God, but to be like God." In the mission, we learn principles as we share and teach lessons but in the temple, it is the spirit teaching our spirits. No words needed to be uttered, only our hearts that talk to each other. My last semester at BYUH ended so beautifully when I was called to be one of the assistant coordinators for our Thursday Night Shift. I was so blessed to be given the opportunity to work with Sister Lane and Sister Enesa. They are women like unto Queen Esther. I also met lots of amazing men and women in the temple. They shared with me a portion of their light. A light defined by our Savior Jesus Christ in 3 Nephi 24:18,

"Therefore, hold up your light that it may shine unto the world. Behold I am the light which ye shall hold up—that which ye have seen me do..."

December 2009, USA
January 2014

I first visited this temple with  my Sister Irene and her little family, and then returned back last January 2014 with the Rees Family again but this time with our beloved parents, Papa Rollie and Mother Trudee. The lesson that remained close to my heart while attending a temple session with them is that "Families can be together forever someday!". This promise gives me peace and hope that though we will be far apart and I will miss them once I am back to the Philippines, I know in my heart that one day, we will all be together again in one place, one kingdom and eternally. Our family is truly a gift from our Heavenly Father. I love my family so much! 

December 2009, USA

This was the longest and most memorable road trip I ever had so far. And yes, t'was with the REES FAMILY. We drove from Oregon to Idaho to UTAH!! Veyron at this time was about 3 years old and Emma was a baby, 1 year old or less? We passed by this magnificent temple along the road. The lake or river right next to it symbolizes the peace we can feel when we are inside the Lord's house.  As I was admiring its exterior beauty, I remembered a lesson from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, he said, "It is not a race. It's a journey. Enjoy the moment!" There are days when I tend to focus too much on my destination and forget to appreciate what life has for me today, right now or in the present. The quality of our journey determines where we are really going. Do not hurry, slow down and love every simple detail we will encounter along the path.

December 2009, USA

When the sky and the mountains collide! I couldn't help but sing "How Great Thou Art!!!!" This temple is so special because this is where Ate Irene and Kuya Kev were sealed for time and all eternity. Just like how the sky and the mountains combined, two cultures were united when my Sister and Kuya Kev created their own family. I love Cultures!!! I was fortunate that I was given a chance to study at BYU-Hawaii where students are from over 70 different countries. I had roommates from the Philippines, Korea, China, USA and Polynesia. Indeed, there is always something good from other cultures that we can incorporate into our own lives! I am thankful for my roommates. They opened my eyes to other worlds-- A Whole New World! I became less judgmental and embraced our differences instead. Mother Theresa said it best, "IF YOU JUDGE PEOPLE, YOU HAVE NO TIME TO LOVE THEM."

December 2009, USA

I guess temple hopping is the best activity you could do when in Utah! The temples are just 5-10 minutes away from each other. This was where I did my first and last snow angel taught by Mr. Jake Keck! He is such a nice guy and a very good friend. We met at work in Hawaii. This temple is my symbol of what true friendship is.  People come and go into our lives, but there will always be good memories to remember. Truly, wealthy is someone who has many real friends.

December 2009
October 2013

Yes!! The first time was with the Rees Couple!!!! I love these Joseph and Hyrum Smith statues. I told my Sister Irene that she is the Joseph of my life for she inspires me to keep my spirituality high! This temple taught me about Faith. It was built for 40 years, and when I got there I couldn't believe how glorious it is! God has blessed me with this privilege. I am very grateful to see this Holy House before I headed to my mission. My faith brought me to many beautiful places and circumstances.

I considered my return last October 2013 as a birthday and a graduation gift from my Heavenly Father. This was my first time to attend an endowment session at this temple with my mission trainee, Sister Milan and also my first time to attend the LDS General Conference live! The Mormon Tabernacle Choir was indeed heavenly. They were like angels!
I stayed with the Taylor family, and I only had morning session tickets. But me and my friend Andrea decided to try to get tickets for the afternoon sessions. We were standing outside the Conference Center waiting for a miracle when I saw a former sister missionary from my mission, Sister Mclaughlin. She invited us to sing with them as a choir to invite the spirit (despite of the rallyists around us). Meanwhile, a couple handed out tickets to us because they needed to leave. I was so happy! Truly the Lord is mindful of each of His children and by our faith-- miracles happen!

"THE FUTURE IS AS BRIGHT AS OUR FAITH!" - President Thomas S. Monson

February 2010
My Mission Temple

I love my mission because it's a temple mission. I was one of the missionaries who was assigned to usher the 3-week Temple Open house and the grand day, the Temple Dedication by our dearly beloved Prophet even Thomas S. Monson. When I was still in young woman, I often wondered why the temple is the symbol imprinted on the YW Personal Progress Medallion. I gained a deeper understanding of the sanctity of the Temple as a missionary. If I were to describe this beautiful house, I will summarize it into 3 Words:

SIMPLICITY - Inside the temple, I learned how I should conduct myself in front of the Lord and also as a daughter of God:
      i.   words - 2 Corinthians 1:12, we talk softly and plainly
     ii.  modesty - is always in style. It's the way for Others to see, the kind of PERSON that lives      
                          inside of me... We can learn how to dress virtuously and respectfully.
     iii. attitude/countenance -  meek and lowly of hearts.
           "A merry hearth maketh a cheerful countenance". - Proverbs 15:13
             Always wear a smile and never look proud!
" It's what you do that makes you beautiful"
How can we manifest our real beauty. Our righteous actions hold unfading allure.
     1. Service - Mosiah 15:14-18: "And O how beautiful upon the mountains were their feet!"
     2. Missionary Work through Temple Works:
          a. Baptism for the dead
          b. Ordinances
          c. Volunteer Temple Workers
Inside the temple, we leave the world behind. We focus our thoughts on our Savior Jesus Christ.
We go to the temple not just to be with God, but to learn about Him so we can become like HIM.
If we think of Him long enough, the purity of our thoughts becomes us.
     i. Chastity - Proverbs 31:10
    ii. Virtuous Thoughts, "Let Virtue Garnish Thy Thoughts Unceasingly"

If we can enter the temple, we are also qualified to enter God's Kingdom. It's our practice!

September 2013, California, USA

This is the one of the most important lessons I learned from this temple, "When we can see the temple, we shall never be lost."
I attended this temple while I was doing my internship with Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.I will never forget my quest in finding its location. I took two buses. The travel was about 2.5 to 3 hours. When I got off from my last bus, I looked at the sky, I SAW ANGEL MORONI's STATUE.  I followed the path leading to him. Tears started to run down on my cheeks.  I was feeling so lonely at that time and now I found HOME.  As I entered the Temple's gate, I felt God's embrace. 
Another memorable visit here was when I went there during a weekend. I found out that the second bus doesn't operate so I needed to take a taxi. When we arrived at the temple, my money was barely enough to pay the bill and I didn't have any cash left for my trip back to the dorm. I was worried honestly but I told to myself, God will provide.
After my temple session, I sat outside the temple. I saw a van passing in front of me and called out the driver, a mother in her 40's. I asked her if she's heading to Aneheim. She said yes, and asked me if I needed a ride. We had a beautiful chat on our way back to Anaheim! She told me that she goes to the temple weekly and that she is going through her second divorce. She shared with tears how broken she is and that coming to the temple is the only way she could find the strength  and peace to move forward in this life. I bore my testimony of God's love and the love I'm feeling for her. I told her that she is Heavenly Father's way of reminding me that He cares for me. She then replied, isn't it amazing how He put us together to be there for each other?

October 2013, USA

Eccl. 3: 1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

After the LDS General Conference, we ( I was with Andrea Soleta) went straight to this F"ilipino Something Gathering".. and then I saw ate Jenebeth Guard!! She asked me if  I already have plans for the next day and I told her I'm flying back to California after lunch. She asked me if I would like to cruise with her in Provo tomorrow morning before my flight. And of course! How could I say NO?!!! So we met early the next day. We sang and sang on our way to BYU Provo, the MTC Provo, the temple and then to the airport. I also had a lunch appointment with our former AP from my mission, Brother McBride. He was an MTC teacher at that time!!!! See? when you are at the right place, in the right time-- right people come by and usually they bring treats!!! 

This was a glimpse of what a Zion would be like.The mountains in Utah are so gorgeous. 

The structure reminds me of Ogden Temple too!

November 7, 2013, USA

I visited this temple twice this year of 2013.
The first visit was with Ate Shiela and her daughter Avery, and then Ate Ckaz, his son and Vijohn joined us on the second time around. This is a temple amidst the busy streets of Los Angeles, California. The lesson is very simple but straight to the point, "Find time to go to the temple even at the busiest time of your life!" 

December 2013, USA

"If this isn't your castle, then you aren't my prince."

The Right One will come...
My One True Love, My Real Prince! Oh this temple is my FAVORITE!
 This temple is like a castle. Only a true prince can take you to the house of the Lord.
 I have learned that Love is a choice. Marriage will not come to you unless you choose it.
As you fulfill your dreams in life, have an open heart for Marriage. Always be ready and willing to embrace love when it knocks. There were days in in my life when I was caught up too much by my personal goals. I desired for marriage and was confident that I knew its importance. But desire + knowledge was not enough to prepare for this noble plan. Only when I finally took a pause, pondered and focused on this priority that I found my eternal companion. There was a work required from me. I didn't just wait for dates or date for the sake of dating BUT get to know men with a genuine heart and a pure desire. My spiritual eyes were opened that instead of looking for qualities, I saw potentials. Indeed, loving is a blessing for "The measure of your love is the measure of the greatness of your soul!" - Elder J. Whirtlin

December 2013, USA

When someone told you, 'I want my daughter to be like you!"
---that was the best compliment ever BUT then in my mind I was like..
"OH NO!" you don't know what you're saying or you're kidding yah?

This is the temple amidst the desert-- exactly what the temple represents in my life. The temple is like an oasis. It sustains me and lifts me high so I can continue my journey here on this earth with perfect brightness of Hope. Every time I go to the temple, it reminds me of the kind of life I want to have eternally in the next life. It gives courage when I am about to give up.
I often ask myself every time I am inside the temple,
"Do you want to live like this forever?" 
So do not settle for less neither grab instant joy and satisfaction.
The Road to Exaltation is never Mediocrity. 

Me and Caitlyn ( the daughter of my roomie)
at an LDS Chapel in Vegas. 
Wow! I didn't know I've been to 13 temples already..... 
Looking forward to visit more but this time with the hubs! :) 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What it means to be baptized? (Mosiah 5)


What a very timely reminder for me because there are days when I weary in doing good! How can I endure well in this journey especially when days become gloomy? I love Mosiah 5! I used this chapter a lot when I was a missionary in Cebu every time I teach my investigators/members the covenants we made when we got baptized. Baptism is a very important key to our Salvation. It is a symbol of our willingness to follow the Savior Jesus Christ. To learn more about Baptism please visit this site:

What is a COVENANT? 
A covenant is a binding and solemn agreement between God and man. God promises to bless us, and we promise to obey Him. God sets the terms of gospel covenants, which we either accept or reject. Keeping covenants brings blessings in this life and exaltation in the life to come.

Covenants place us under a strong obligation to honor our commitments to God. To keep our covenants, we must give up activities or interests that prevent us from honoring those covenants.
(Lesson 3: The Gospel of Jesus Christ, Preach My Gospel: A Guide to Missionary Service, (2004), 60–70)



7- And now, because of the covenant which ye have made ye shall be called the children of Christ, his sons, and his daughters; for behold, this day he hath spiritually begotten you; for ye say that your hearts are changed through faith on his name; therefore, ye are born of him and have become his sons and his daughters.
8- And under this head ye are made free, and there is no other head whereby ye can be made free. There is no other name given whereby salvation cometh; therefore, I would that ye should take upon you the name of Christ, all you that have entered into the covenant with God that ye should be obedient unto the end of your lives.
9- And it shall come to pass that whosoever doeth this shall be found at the right hand of God, for he shall know the name by which he is called; for he shall be called by the name of Christ.
10- And now it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall not take upon him the name of Christ must be called by some other name; therefore, he findeth himself on the left hand of God.
11- And I would that ye should remember also, that this is the name that I said I should give unto you that never should be blotted out, except it be through transgression; therefore, take heed that ye do not transgress, that the name be not blotted out of your hearts.

A-LWAYS REMEMBER HIM (Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ)

12- I say unto you, I would that ye should remember to retain the name written always in your hearts, that ye are not found on the left hand of God, but that ye hear and know the voice by which ye shall be called, and also, the name by which he shall call you.


5- And we are willing to enter into a covenant with our God to do his will, and to be obedient to his commandments in all things that he shall command us, all the remainder of our days, that we may not bring upon ourselves a never-ending torment, as has been spoken by the angel, that we may not drink out of the cup of the wrath of God.

15- Therefore, I would that ye should be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in good works, that Christ, the Lord God Omnipotent, may seal you his, that you may be brought to heaven, that ye may have everlasting salvation and eternal life, through the wisdom, and power, and justice, and mercy of him who created all things, in heaven and in earth, who is God above all. Amen.

Remembering our baptismal covenant reminds us that we are God's children. "I am a Child of God." Jesus Christ, our eldest brother set a perfect example and by keeping our covenants with all of hearts, might, mind and strength, we all can eventually be like Him. We are destined to be heirs in the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father. If we endureth well, Jesus promised in John 14:2-3,

"In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.
 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also."

How to Prepare Spiritually for the LDS General Conference?

"Learn of me and listen to my words; walk in meekness of my Spirit, and you shall have peace in me." - Doctrine & Covenants 19:23

Bro. Manalo of Tabang Ward, Malolos Philippines Stake gave this talk last April 2015 when we were still attending Plaridel Ward in Bulacan to prepare the members for the upcoming General Conference. He suggested ways on how we can be more receptive to the Spirit as we hearken and listen intently to the words of the Lord through the leaders of His church.

1. Attend sacrament and focus. 
This is a practice on how we can stay focus and attentive, also during temple session, stake conferences and general conferences.

2. Pray and fast.

3. Prepare inspired questions.
I am personally enjoying this one. Its' really interesting how the talks are truly inspired especially when a question was answered just so right and timely.

4. Download ahead of time the words, then read along as the prophets and apostles speak.

5. After conference, thank The Lord.

6. Ponder each week one talk and you will be ready for the next general conference.

7. Use social media to post photos of General Conference, lessons you learned and invitations.

(October 2013, Salt Lake City, Utah)


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Comforts while Pregnant (Must Have!)

Having a child is a very exciting experience for every couple. I have always imagine myself holding a baby but I never really thought of my pregnancy journey. I've been researching a lot about parenting and only started reading stuff on pregnancy when I got married. So today as a first time mom, I would like to list down "must haves" that are helping me right now for a healthy, happy pregnancy!

1. MATERNITY BRAS - Inhale, exhale. 
"Conscious breathing" is very healthy for the mommy and the baby. This good habit helps supply enough oxygen for both. After buying my first two pairs of maternity bra, my breathing becomes more natural and comfortable. What a relief from wearing just my regular bras! I got these from SM Supermarket. The price is between PHP 150 to 350 pesos. I believe there are cheaper kinds outside the mall and they are good too.

2. MATERNITY PILLOWS - the white pillows are from my best friend, Irish. They are nice because the foams are very soft and they actually deform to satisfy your comfortability. Maternity pillows to be honest is pricey especially when you buy it online. I got mine from a friend. She sold it to me for only PHP500. Another option you have is to try making your own (DIY). It will save you a lot of $. I love these pillows!!!! My baby is safer and it helps ease my backache. Plus, you can use this pillow when you breastfeed your baby in the future.

3. BELLY ARMOR - Since I work mostly with my laptop everyday, this belly band shields my baby from radiation. I wear this on top of my under-garments. There is also a blanket/cloth version of this RadiaShield Fabric.

4.  BABY & PERSONAL JOURNALS - I love journals as you can see I love writing! My baby journal is basically a scrapbook of my pregnancy journey. This is where I keep my baby's ultrasound photos, PT, doctor's note, her height/weight, and how well she is doing inside my womb. I also have little notes for her and records of our dates together. The Personal Journal is where I write my moods, feelings for the day,happiness, emo modes, and where I dump all the negativity I'm feeling at a moment to ease any stress or emotional roller coaster rides. It's actually very healthy and I always bring this one with me for instant relief.

5. COMFORTABLE CLOTHES - this one majorly depends on what is comfortable for you. Like for me, I prefer 50% cotton, loose and in white/light colors. 

6. PREGNANCY MOBILE APPS - These two are my favorites, What to Expect and Baby Center. 

They both offer lots of advises from pregnancy day 1 to labor to post par tum. They will give you weekly updates specifically on your baby's development each period. They also provide checklists of what to buy, what to do and how to give first aids/relief to common pregnancy discomforts. The Baby Center app has birthing and labor classes. I am planning to start learning more about these two next month so I can be less nervous on "the great pushing day!"

7. SNACK BASKETS/BAGS- These are where you store foods and grab-on snacks. I have one for work , a basket inside our room and also a container on top of our fridge. This idea saves us extra pennies because I buy wholesale snacks then distribute them to these different baskets. I also drink 10-12 glasses of water everyday or more. However, it's best to drink more during the day and less at night so your bathroom trips won't interrupt your good night sleep. 
8. MOMMY-BABY TIME  - Every Sunday morning and some other days if time permits, I take time to listen intently to classical music while exposing my tummy to the rays of the sun.... *pa-sunshine mode! I'm able to do this because we positioned our bed where the sunlight enters our room through our window.  I love this time special time with my baby. Sometimes I read stories with her, sing, talk to her, play the piano, and even write letters to my baby.  I also consider my milk dates with my baby as our special bonding time. I drink 2 glasses of milk every day, during breakfast and before I go to bed. What a precious kind of love--- "loving someone so much even before you meet her/him." 

9. SKIN CARE: For stretch marks, use bio oil/olive oil. I decided to stop using my regular bath soap and facial wash and switched to Johnson's Baby Milk+ Rice bath soap. This serves as my moisturizer too! l I also put body lotion as much as I could to eliminate dryness and itchiness on my skin. I am using the Johnson's baby lotion too,with Milk + Rice. They are really a good. My OB advised me to just use regular lotion for my tummy instead of the pricey anti-stretchmarks lotions or the whitening kind one.

10. Finally, my HYGIENE-COMFORT KIT. This is where I keep my basic remedies such as Vicks/Efficascent oil, Lavender oil, Hand Sanitizer, Lip Balm, Olive oil (for Priesthood Blessing purposes), Pre-natal vitamins,  and other Kikay stuff for retouch. I am very much thankful for this pregnancy. It teaches me so well on how to take good care of my own body and to be more responsible especially of the little one inside me.
P.S. I take my prenatal vitamin every day at lunch time. 

Happy Pregnancy to all First time Mothers! Comment and share your ideas!